June 14, 2012


SACRAMENTO, CA — Assembly bill 2393 (Davis) passed the California Senate Judiciary Committee today by a vote of 4-0. The bill would 1) increase to $1,500 the monthly net disposable income level required for a low-income adjustment; and 2) require the Judicial Council of California, on March 1, 2013 and annually thereafter, update the low-income adjustment based on the California Consumer Price Index.


“The current formula used by the California Department of Child Support Services that determines child support orders is outdated.  In an effort to improve compliance for low-income parents that are obligated to pay child support a revision to the low-income adjustment threshold of $1,000 needed to be increased to $1,500,” said Assemblyman Mike Davis.


The low-income adjustment has not been increased since it was first introduced in 1993, even though the cost of living increased by 50% during that same period. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, if $1,000 in 1993 was adjusted for inflation, it would represent $1,576 in today’s dollars.  This bill’s increase to $1,500 is entirely consistent with inflation.


“In light of Father’s Day, AB 2393 will enable fathers to successfully meet their obligations and provide more consistent child support payments, improving the income stream for families, promoting family self-sufficiency and improving the overall wellbeing of children living in single-parent households,” Assemblyman Davis concluded.


Assemblyman Mike Davis is the current vice chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus and serves on the Appropriations, Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, Local Government, and the Rules Committees. He was elected to serve the 48th District in November of 2006. Located in Los Angeles County, the district is home to a myriad of diverse communities including: Arlington Park, Athens, Chesterfield Square, King Estates, Korea Town, Lafayette Park, Magnolia Square, North University Park, University Park, Vermont Knolls, West Adams, West Park Terrace and Wilshire Center.

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