May 08, 2014

LAWT News Service


Assemblymember Chris Holden’s bill (AB 1767) to ensure Southern California’s natural spaces and outdoor recreation areas will be enjoyed by Californians for generations to come, has been approved in the Assembly.


AB 1767 would increase the maximum fine for dumping, vandalism or destroying property on Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy properties to $1,500 and would increase the fine for infractions to not more than $750. Because state bonds used to fund much of the SMMC cannot be used for maintenance, the bill would require that the fines be used to pay the costs of any repairs or clean up related to those violations  


“These parks, open spaces and wilderness areas are in our own backyard and if we don’t act to protect them, we could lose them forever,” stated Holden.  “Not only will these penalties pay to restore and repair the damages, but will hopefully serve as a deterrent to those who would harm public lands. I consider these 114 parklands and recreational areas part of our heritage and I want them to be available to California’s children for generations to come.”


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