June 21, 2018 

By Lauren A. Jones 

Contributing Writer 


Angela and Vanessa Simmons, the daughters of Joseph Simmons better known as the legendary New York DJ Rev Run, have broken away from the shadow of their father and built brands around motherhood, their love of fashion and beauty and reality television.


“I think people have a lot of misconceptions about people that grow up privileged,” said Vanessa Simmons. “Everything is not spoon fed to us, we have to work for our name and that’s just the truth.”


Rev Run was a member of Run DMC, one of the most influential hip-hop groups in musical history. In 2005, he and his family were first introduced to reality television on MTV’s “Run’s House.” Since first appearing on “Run’s House,” the sisters’ leveraged the success of that show with a spinoff show called “Daddy’s Girls.” The Simmons sisters have been no stranger to the limelight.

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