November 08, 2018 

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 A Super PAC whose sole focus was to turn out African American voters contributed to wins in 14 House races and four Senate races where African American turnout was pivotal.


Protecting Our Vote PAC (, founded following the midterm losses in 2010, is idea born from a sermon often preached by then House Majority Whip James Clyburn (SC) – “Put money into GOTV efforts and reach the African American community where they live…and Democrats will win elections...Make no mistake!” During the 2018 election cycle POV targeted African American voters in two dozen House races and six overlapping Senate races.


“I think we had a pretty good night” said Marcus Sebastian Mason, the organization’s treasurer and one of its co-founders. “We helped secure wins in more than 50% of the House races we were involved in and, had success in two-thirds of the overlapping Senate races. I’m proud of our team and glad we could help contribute to the Democratic Majority in the House” Mason added.


Protecting Our Vote PAC is a federal Super PAC dedicated to informing, engaging, and empowering Black voters. “We were laser focused on turning out African-American voters and helping to win a Democratic Majority in the House of Representatives and we helped win races in just about every region of the country” concluded Mason.




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James Clyburn (Courtesy Photo)

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