August 15, 2019 

By Saybin Roberson 

Contributing Writer 


Working Moms, Latanya Foster-Phillips and Teree Henderson have teamed up, bringing the love of their babies and motherhood to the forefront to welcome Little Play Society to Los Angeles.


One of first of it’s kind, Little Play Society (LPS) is a community-driven indoor play, creative, and social space for mothers and their children. Created to provide a communal space for parents to play with their children beyond parks and the home, as well as providing a space for parents to find a safe space for parents of young children.


In November of 2018, the ladies attended an event focused on Black mothers in L.A., and felt that something was missing in the city focused on mother-baby interaction, from there they conceptualized LPS.


“It was really in that moment we decided to do it ourselves,” Henderson says, adding, “We knew that the need was there and we knew the need wasn’t being met.”



Their determination and perseverance have since brought to Mid-City the multipurpose space in just eight months. Picking Mid-City as the location to provide a space for children, that too was missing from the area.


“We knew what we needed to do to get it done, so we just did it,” Henderson stated.


LPS will feature programmed classes including art, interactive story-time, dance, and music and movement classes for children. As mothers, both feel inclusion and socialization are important for young children, another natural service provided by LPS.


“I personally think it’s pretty important to expose your kids to different environments, different people, a lof to different things as early as you feel comfortable because that’s how they learn,” Foster-Phillips expresses, adding, “our goal is to help offer a space that kids can come in and start to socialize with other babies and toddlers.”


In efforts to make the space open for all, parents can also attend programs designed for new mothers and more. LPS will also include childbirth education and postnatal support groups led by professional doulas


“It’s more about getting the parents in and having them along with their kids have a space they can grow and commune in a safe and proactive environment,” Henderson explains.


The motto and mission, “cultivating creativity and community through play” aligns with the concept, grounding the founders as they progress each day. “It’s been a definite labor of love,” Foster-Phillips states.


As graduates of Howard University, Foster-Phillips from Detroit and Henderson from Washington, D.C. have made L.A. their home for both work and family. As mothers of toddlers, the working mothers have now added entrepreneurs to the list of duties.



“Some days are harder than others,” Foster-Phillips says, continuing to say, “I think we’re kinda just happy to be able to do all three.”


Inspired by their boys, both Henderson and Foster-Phillips are excited to be able to manifest their dreams and continue to be mothers, backed by amazing support systems and joy for what they are creating.


Henderson adding, “This is just a testament that moms can do anything!”


Little Play Society is open Monday through Friday. Options to reserve private play for two-hour blocks are available every day Monday through Thursday, with free play on Fridays. LPS also launched a crowdfunding campaign to expand and grow the mission to best benefit children and their parents.


To find out more about Little Play Society visit and follow @LittlePlaySociety on Instagram. For more information on the crowdfunding campaign please visit

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