October 24, 2019 

LAWT News Service 


Last Thursday, October 17, 2019, Chase Bank hosted the latest prime-time “Chase Chat,” in association with the Los Angeles Advancing Black Pathways ambassadors. The event was an inspirational moment for all in attendance – particularly for all of the young adults who were the primary guests in the room.


Held at our JPMorgan offices in Century City, Chase played host to over 80 young people from local organizations, including the Brotherhood Crusade, The Fellowship Initiative, Limitless and local area students from Santa Monica Catholic High School and Dorsey High School.

The evening was full of engaging conversation, insightful perspectives, with new friendships made and unforgettable advice given to the mostly young audience of color.


The panel was star-studded with four of Los Angeles’ leading African American luminaries present, including:


• Pam Bakewell: Executive Vice President of Bakewell Media – one of the nation’s most successful African American family-owned media companies. 


• Derek Fisher: Los Angeles basketball legend. 18-year NBA veteran. Head Coach of WNBA LA Sparks. 5-time NBA champion with LA Lakers.


• Marcellus Wiley: Los Angeles native.  10-year NFL Veteran and All-Pro. Media Personality.


• Norm Nixon: Los Angeles basketball legend. 2-time NBA Champion with LA Lakers. Accomplished businessman and humanitarian.


Bakewell was the panel moderator, inspiring Fisher, Nixon, and Wiley to share their thoughts and wisdom on business and answer tough questions from the financially inquisitive youth in the audience. 

The three were transparent about their early business mistakes, but shared how they matured and become financially aware, encouraging the youth to save and be smart about their finances early.


“We heard great personal insights from both the panelists and students, including why it’s important to save, tips on investing, advice on choosing career paths, knowing how to plan your personal finances and for your family, and mistakes and lessons learned from money management,” said California Divisional Director Barry Simmons.


“We want to extend a huge thank you to our panelists!


We really appreciate their time and wisdom. We look forward to hosting our next event soon. But immediately, we’re really proud of how engaged and thoughtful our young students are. They are all tuned into their futures and financial successes. This was on full display with their own attention and questions. They are just as, if not, more inspiring than our own esteemed panelists.”

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