October 31, 2019 

By Saybin Roberson 

Contributing Writer 


In less than a month, the Black News Channel will launch bringing multi-platform news and information channel curated specifically for the Black community.


Arriving November 15, at 6 A.M. Black News Channel (BNC) founded by J.C. Watts Jr. will provide educational, entertaining, empowering, and inspiring news catered towards the Black community.

The minority-owned and operated network will be the first of its kind to give around the clock news created, “by people of color for people of color.”


BNC held a teleconference in partnership with the National News Publishing Association (NNPA) where they announced the official launch date and goals for the platform. The phone call featured business partner Shad Khan, with a discussion and question and answer portion from Chairman Watts and Dr. Benjamin Chavis, the president and CEO of NNPA.


During the 30-minute phone call, a lot of gratitude was spread across as everyone involved is extremely excited to be apart of the process and progress of the BNC.


“This is a significant hour for a very important time, not only our country but among our people and throughout our diaspora,” an NNPA representative stated.


The BNC will be able to reach each region of the country, and some globally. It’s estimated to reach 33 million households in the top African American TV markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, and Atlanta. The network will also partner with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to ensure every generation has a voice and influence.


“Black Americans striving for excellence in all fields of endeavor give life to our culture that attracts and impacts all people, Chavis says of the influence Black culture has. “We set trends for ourselves and others.”


“I hope that as time goes on, this becomes a bridge to connect all the cultures,” Shad Khan says during the teleconference. “But I do believe there is an undeniable calling for everything the Black News Channel will deliver to African American television audiences, who have ­historically been underserved in an era where networks have otherwise successfully targeted news to specific demographic groups and interests.”


“My decision to invest is an easy one because we get to answer that calling,” Kahn says regarding the underserved communities. Watts also added in, noting the goal of the BNC is not to separate cultures based on political, religious or geographical reasons, but to be true to the experience which will essentially bring everyone together.


BNC has promised to not just tell a story, we will tell the entire story. Giving voice to various experiences and shedding light on multiple points of view. The importance of their mission and purpose has been felt throughout, Watts believes this network is a win-win for the community.


“We will inform, educate, inspire, and empower the African American community,” said Watts. “We will be authentic and true to enriched and diverse African American experience.”


To learn more about the BNC and opportunities to join the movement, visit https://blacknewschannel.com.

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