April 30, 2020 

By Marisa Hall and Lena Anderson 

Contributing Writers 


On April 22, big news was buzzing about a big gift from a big guy, with big heart. As the co-founders of Philanthropy Is, (a focus on exclusive insight with community givers) Marisa Hall and Lena Anderson were honored to speak with Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith about leadership, his contributions to the Watts area and the future of Top Dawg Entertainment.


Born and raised in Watts, Tiffith has a deep connection to his community, but on April 22, “Top” provided a solution to a rising and overlooked problem for seniors—rent!


With a total donation of $86,000.00, the TDE CEO has generously committed to covering one month’s rent for the seniors residing in HACLA’s Watts developments. “This charitable contribution will cover one month’s rent for 311 units, benefitting some of our population’s most vulnerable and at-risk residents,” said HACLA President & CEO Doug Guthrie.


Known for being more of a quiet patron, Tiffith is in no way new to philanthropic work. His footprint in and out of his community is the embodiment of a contributor. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll find that he’s given to artists, fans of artists, families, young children, and many more. When asked if growing up he could ever imagine contributing in such a big way Tiffith credited his grandmother, his family and his community for first pouring into him.


“Yep, giving back is what it’s all about. My community has given me so much and I come from a giving family; my grandmother would give you the shirt off her back. She taught me that growing up.”


Unfortunately, there are people who even during times of extreme need don’t consider the overlooked segments of our society.  Something admired about Top Dawg is his consideration of the senior community; a group of people whom many often address as being vulnerable from a medical standpoint, but not economically.


This is the kind of relationship that runs deep and speaks to the kind of influential leader Tiffith is as a person and CEO.


“Everything I know, I learned at the “UNIVERSITY OF NICKERSON GARDENS” (school of hard knocks).  I learned things there, that helped me build and get me to where I am today. It’s only right to give back. That’s my home and it’ll always be home.


“Our motto at TDE is ‘Hustle Like Your Broke.’ It’s something I’ve been doing my whole life before the music. I try to show that to my team and lead with that mentality.”


Oftentimes, we forget that there’s so many people that need help. Top Dawg and the TDE artists have not forgotten their community; they have an appreciation for reaching back and being an example for the next generation.


“We wouldn’t be who we are, if it wasn’t for our communities.  We must go back and try to inspire and give your people the blueprint. 


When people see you and they know you went through the same things they’re going through, its motivation for them to do the same.”


As the climate has changed for all, and those celebrations that once brought people together via larger gatherings have been canceled, many who looked forward to those special events are wondering what’s next for Top Dawg and TDE, and if will they host the annual Holiday Concert Toy Drive. In true big brother grace, Tiffith leads with confidence when he says:


“It’s a tough time right now with everything that’s happening. We’ll figure out something. My hope is that everyone stays safe, healthy and figures out how to get along when this is over. 




It’s going to be different for everybody but we know OUR community always gets the short-end of the stick. TDE is going to continue to build. We are getting into tv/film, sports, releasing more music, signing more artist and will continue to inspire our communities.” 


We are positive that the communities that Top Dawg is reaching are appreciative of his contributions. He left us with words of hope and encouragement for the near future:


“Fam, let’s stay safe and be smart about how we are moving out here. Things will be different, but we are going to be ok.”  

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