July 09, 2020

By Khari Jones Jr.

Contributing Writer


“Here we are. We are getting ready to hand out some food. Now everybody that’s not working, get back,” says Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Wondalunch just held their second event in Watts giving away contact free, prepackaged meals that includes fresh fruit, vegetables, and poultry.


There are hungry people all over the country, but particularly in the Los Angeles community. Community leaders have graciously contributed their time to ensure the people have food on the table.


Some people have lost their jobs, and businesses have closed down to COVID-19. Waters states, “They all could use a little assistance. Today we bring them boxes of nutritious food, so they can have extra help.

We all have the responsibility to wear our masks, washing our hands, social distancing and staying in the house.”

Waters started her career in the city of Watts, and wanted to let her people know that they are still there for them. “I’m here to let my family and friends know that we have not forgotten them, no matter where we are. It’s so important for them to know that we understand that unemployment is very high here,” Waters tells the Los Angeles Sentinel.


Singer, rapper, and actress Janell Monae said it was an honor, and privilege to serve the community. “This is where I feel I am rocking in my purpose the most,” says Monae.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Sentinel, Monae mentions, “We’re in tough times with COVID-19, and folks not being able to survive, not knowing where their next meal is. We want to erase the stigma of asking for help.”

When asked by the Sentinel about Black people opening up businesses, Monae elaborated, “I don’t think everybody is in a position to own their own businesses.


We’re dealing with systemic racism, we’re dealing with a lot of financial setbacks of how this country has treated us. Not all of us have the bootstraps to pull ourselves out.”

Monae gave a speech that put emphasis on how it has to be Black people coming together showing up for the people, and not depending on the government.

CNN Political commentator Angela Rye mentioned that she felt honored to be able to serve the community in this great way, and wanted to ensure families get fed.

Rye feels this is the perfect for Black people to stand and rise.

“For Black folks in particular, we have a unique opportunity to pursue the things that have stood in the way for so long, and held us back for long.”

She continued, “For people who look like us, is to walk in the spirit of unity, and be on one accord about what our demands are, our needs and what we require to be able to survive in this country.

That’s what I’m working on.” Rye said Wondalunch was an opportunity to release some of that pressure.

Congresswoman Waters, Rye, and Monáe all stepped up for the Watts community and celebrated with each other while working. Monáe paid Homage to Waters. “This woman inspires me.

She exemplifies her purpose and what she has always been about.”

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