October 08, 2020

By Danny J. Bakewell, Jr.

Executive Editor


It’s a bright sunny day in Carson, California and Carson City Council Member Jawane Hilton begins his morning like most families who live in the City of Carson one of the South Bay’s most diverse and fastest growing communities. 

His younger children are getting ready to go to virtual school, his wife is getting ready to head off to her job for the County of Los Angeles and the councilman and church pastor is about to do what he has done his entire life – Help those in the City of Carson.

Jawane Hilton, was born and raised in Carson, he was elected to the city council in June 2015 and has previously served as Mayor Pro Tem in 2018.  

He is the founder and senior pastor at City on the Hill Church in Carson, he started a school that focuses on serving at-risk youth.  


The councilman wants everyone to know that he is no different from the rest of the residence in the City of Carson. 


He acknowledges while these are hard times for everyone, there is a path moving forward and that he believes his family, the residence of Carson and the city as a whole will get through this by working together. 

Howard says that “Even though the challenges everyone are facing because of COVID cause people to feel that these issues are singular we are all going through these challenges. 

I am at home helping my kids study virtually, my wife works for the county who is now talking about layoffs and furloughing jobs, my church has been closed because of COVID, so just like all families within the city we are all facing tough times.  But, I believe we will all come through this, we must but we must do it  together, united and unified we will all get through this.”


While Councilman Howard has been serving on the city council now for over 5 years, this election is different.  Rather than running city wide, because of a court order Carson must now run in District, so for the first time Jawane Howard is running for election as the representative for District 1 in Carson.

Even though he is running to now represent District 1 he also wants to continue the progress that he and his fellow councilmembers have made over the past 4 years.  He says he wants to continue moving Carson forward.  “I want to see us complete the Kilaman Project which Tiger Woods and Disney have committed over $60 million towards and will have a direct economic boost for District 1.” 

Resting on his laurels is not something that Jawane Howards wants to do. 

While he is quick to point out many of the successes that he and his colleagues have achieved over the past for years it is the vision for the future, the vision for recovery post COVID-19 that keeps him pushing Carson towards a better tomorrow.

Carson has come a long way in a short period of time.  My colleagues and I have  brought significant development to the city.  “We have and continue to provide quality affordable housing units like the new 70 unity veterans housing complex or the live-work space for art students. 

We have this new 157 acre Cal Compact site that will be turned into a high-end outlet.   But, I am also proud of the fact that we have managed to balance the budget and bring more restaurants and other attractions to the city, and our crime rate is the lowest it’s ever been” stated Howard.

But the councilman believes that there is still much worked to be done.  “How we bring up our revenue after this COVID pandemic will be the key.  But we also must continue to provide inclusive housing and workforce housing for the residents of our community. 

We must ways to create and bring more and new jobs and industry to the city. 

That will be the key for us moving the city forward and continuing our pattern of progress here in the city.”


Jawane Howard considers himself and independent leader, but he also see’s himself and as leader who works well with others. 

He points out to his ability to bring the first COVID testing site to the city as what he brings to the table that others can’t. 


In mid-March Carson’s COVID numbers were on the rise and the closest testing site to Carson was miles away. 


So the councilman took action, he got on the phone with 2nd District Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and together they were able to bring the first testing in the South Bay to Carson. 

“Covid testing is the key to opening up our city. 


Other elected officials have not always had the best relationship with our County Supervisor, but I knew we needed testing here in the city, so in collaboration with supervisor, we were able to bring testing to our residents, which we desperately needed.”

Hilton says his biggest asset is that he is and has always been approachable, accessible and makes sure the people are represented. 

As the represented for District 1 will just make me and it better, because the citizens of the district will have direct representation they can hold me directly responsible for the improvement and or concerns that they have in and for our district specifically.

In the end Councilman Jawane Hilton simply want to serve. 


He wants to continue being of service to the great people of Carson.  He says he is an independent leader who has and will continue to do what is best for Carson.

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