November 12, 2020

By Betti Halsell

Contributing Writer


The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the reality of life. However, the true pandemic is seeing the widening gap in the quality of life, throughout underserved communities. Many Angeleno households and communities across the globe have been left vulnerable during the largest health crisis the world has seen in present day.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) continue to show their mindfulness of the imbalance among communities, and now they are offering direct financial opportunities to help bring in a sense of hope during a time of tragedy.

This short-term contribution of $500 started on November 2 and ends on November 15, the LADWP CARES Grant was developed to help people that are seeing their most trying time. There are no strings attached, the LADWP is showing authentic care. This initiative is coming from those who live to serve the community.

All the applications that are submitted between November 2 and November 15 will receive a one-time check of $500.



It is imperative that once the check is received, it is deposited into the family’s financial accounts, there is no available replacement if anything happens to the original one.

To make the best impact and to find those that have the most vulnerable family dynamic, there are measurements within the program that will need to be met such as: 

• An active residential LADWP account, for an address within the City of Los Angeles.

Other benchmarks in­clude enrollment in one of the LADWP specialty programs such as “Low Income” Discount Program; Lifeline Program; Life Support Equipment • Proof that you (or a member of your household) have experienced a downward change in income related to COVID-19 or the city’s or state’s safer-at-home order.

Discount; or Physicians Certified. There is still time to apply for one of the 80,000 slots available to receive the grant.

When applying for the program, one should have their LADWP account number ready and a photo upload showing proof that COVID-19 is impacting the main line of income for the collective household. This can be a note from an employer displaying adjusted work time or a doctor’s note that required a yield to the daily work routine due to health conditions.

To have a photo upload ready, one can take a picture of their proof with their smart phone. Then to submit the proof, by sending the picture to a personal email, it will be available to be retrieved from the computer. When applying for the grant, there will be an area to attach the photo for submission.


There are other pre-existing programs LADWP developed, that can work as support during a trying time such as the LADWP discount programs all applications are submitted online. When applying for the grant, there is a 30-minute window to fill out general information that the program needs to mail out the checks. The mail out date will be no later than December 30.

Everyone is feeling the severity in this pandemic, the LADWP is showing their support as the community continues to rebuild itself. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the grant on October 28 and as previously noted, the LADWP official website states, “Low-Income L.A. Residents Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic can apply for $500 Grant between November 2 – 15.”

The program was championed by Council President Nury Martinez and approved by City Council & Board of Water & Power Commissioners on October 27.  

Mayor Garcetti stated, “Our COVID-19 response has focused on two core tenets — saving lives and protecting livelihoods — and we will continue to do everything in our power to help our hardest-hit Angelenos get back on their feet.”

He continued, “With leadership from the City Council and DWP, we are investing in a fairer, stronger city by directing vital funds where they can do the most good: helping struggling households cover their bills, make ends meet, and endure this moment of an unprecedented challenge.”

There is a household income eligibility requirement, and one will need to be able to provide records of COVID-19 impacting their financial stand. The enrollment is still available until November 15, the grant provides the financial care for some families that need to cover their varied utility bills. 

To quote the Board of Water and Power Commission President Cynthia McClain-Hill, she stated, “COVID-19 has not only resulted in an unprecedented global health crisis, but it has also led to an extraordinary economic crisis as well for many families.”

The ultimate goal is for Angelenos to know that they are not being forgotten, even as the division in the nation and Capitol Hill delays the process for support, the community is showing up for each other.



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