July 15, 2021

LAWT News Service


More than 100 residents came out on July 12 to Trinity Recreation Center for a community forum, hosted by Councilmember Curren Price and the South Central Neighborhood Council, regarding the LAPD Bomb Squad truck explosion that occurred at 27th and San Pedro streets.

During the meeting, Councilman Price informed the crowd that his office has been on the ground for weeks helping dozens of neighbors with housing, cash assistance, food, clothing and new refrigerators, among other services.

On June 30, what was intended to be a controlled detonation of explosives, ultimately resulted in a blast that sent 17 neighbors and first responders to the hospital, as well as destroying an LAPD Bomb Squad truck.


Price added that his office had no knowledge that this was transpiring in District 9 and “now we are being asked to wait and be patient for the results of an investigation.”

“I am outraged! This is something that should have never happened. Whoever made this decision to detonate dangerous explosives in a densely populated neighborhood has to answer to the people that are now suffering because of it; our community demands justice,” said Councilman Price, who lives 10 blocks from where this devastation occurred and felt the shock wave of the blast when the truck exploded.

On July 8, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) concluded the collection of evidence from the scene and will be providing a comprehensive report of their findings at a later date to be determined. Councilman Price indicated that he personally reached out to George Gascón, L.A. County District Attorney, urging his office to also look into the matter.

The neighborhood along 27th and San Pedro streets sustained major damage, including 15 homes that were yellow tagged, with three structures that suffered extensive damage making them uninhabitable, along with multiple cars destroyed and the displacement of more than 75 people in the wake of the aftermath.

To help neighbors, Councilman Price has been working with dozens of City and County partners in establishing a Local Assistance Center at Trinity Park to make it easier and more accessible for victims to get the help they need, with 29 organizations to assist, including the Emergency Management Department, the L.A. City Clerk's office, Building and Safety, as well as the Red Cross. To date, more than 120 paper claims have been filed for property and personal damages.

Councilman Price reached out to the Carpenter’s Union and they have agreed to donate their services and expertise in repairing the three most severely damaged properties that have been identified by Building and Safety. In addition, with the assistance of the Coalition for Responsible Community Development, a local non-profit, they will begin replacing the windows on 27th Street this week that were blown out by the explosion and Councilman Price’s office will be covering the costs.

“The truth of the matter is the victims of this explosion do not have the luxury of waiting. People are hurting and they need help now,” said Councilman Price. “At this moment, we are left to pick up the pieces and do whatever we can to help the people that are suffering, all because of a stupid decision that gave little regard to the lives and property of this working class-neighborhood.”

Under the direction of Councilman Price, the Local Assistance Center will remain open until Friday, July 16 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. where victims can file claims, receive mental health counseling referrals and other supportive services. For more information, contact the Local Assistance Center directly at (213) 486-8137 or Councilman Curren Price’s District Office at (323) 846-2651.

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