August 05, 2021

Fall is around the corner, and this means that soon parents will start shopping for back-to-school items and preparing their children for the first day of school. While the last year has been fraught with challenges for many as a result of the COVID pandemic, Los Angeles Unified families will be happy to know that the district has high safety standards in place at every campus, and schools are gearing up for full-day in-person instruction and enrichment activities five days a week starting Monday, August 16.

Here’s what the new school year will look like:

Safety First

All schools have upgraded air-filtration systems in 80 million square feet of school buildings, and all are fully supplied with personal protective equipment, including masks, which will be required for everyone at all times, except while eating. Other safety protocols include frequent disinfecting of classrooms and common use areas, hand sanitizer stations throughout the school campus, increased staffing to adhere to cleaning schedules, and more.

Student Success

There’s no substitute for in-person learning. Simply put, in-person learning is better as it supports children’s mental and physical health, as well as their socio-emotional development. At Los Angeles Unified, students will be returning to new and improved in-person programs and services. The district has hired additional teachers to support elementary school students with math and reading, and to provide more individualized instruction and one-on-one tutoring to middle and high school students.

The district will provide students with updated technology and increased enrichment and credit recovery course offerings for high school students. In addition to student support, Los Angeles Unified staff is ready to assist the whole family through new Student and Family Wellness Centers aimed at providing mental health counseling and accessibility to much-needed resources.

Super Fun

It’s time. The last year of online schooling has been hard for students and families alike. Being in school with friends, teachers, coaches, counselors – and all the familiar faces that make up individual school communities – will be exciting for students. Although for some students entering kindergarten, setting foot on campus will be a new encounter, it’ll be a long-awaited experience for everyone. Students and parents will be thrilled to know that athletics will be in full swing, and that our afterschool programs will offer fun, high-quality, enrichment until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Here’s what you need to do to be ready for school:

Los Angeles Unified wants families and staff to have a safe, successful and super fun return to school. However, we can’t do this alone and need your support. You can help by making sure that your child wears a clean face mask to school, practices safety routines and fulfills COVID testing requirements before returning to campus. Vaccines are a critical component of a safe return to school, so we encourage all eligible family members and staff to get their COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible.

Additionally, over the course of the past year, Los Angeles Unified has developed a series of helpful resources for families and staff that are aligned with guidance from health officials. We encourage you to utilize these to ensure a safe and successful return to school for everyone. These include: Los Angeles Unified Back to School website that includes a health and safety plan that ensures families are following COVID safety protocols through testing and use of a Daily Pass; a COVID hotline for families listing Los Angeles Unified testing sites; a Student and Family Wellness Hotline (213.241.3840) offering mental health support and other vital assistance; more than 20 school-based vaccination centers in collaboration with community healthcare partners, and more recently, a Welcome Back to School Family Guide offering critical information for a safe return to campus.

For more information, visit the Los Angeles Unified website at:

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