December 02, 2021

By Cora Jackson-Fossett

Contributing Writer


A range of infrastructure improvements are planned to beautify the Manchester-Broadway corridor located in Council District 8 in South Los Angeles.

The multi-faceted street project, called Broadway South, will encompass 2.8-miles on Manchester from Vermont Avenue to Broadway and on Broadway from Manchester to Imperial Highway.  The enhancements include protected bike lanes, upgraded access ramps, curb extensions, pedestrian refuge islands and improved sidewalks and bus stops.

Billed as a community-driven project, Broadway South falls under the umbrella of StreetsLA, the L.A. department responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the nation’s largest municipal street network. 


StreetsLA received guidance from Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson and his staff along with input from neighborhood leaders and community members concerning the elements they would like to see in the area.  

As a result, Broadway South will provide additional features such as pedestrian lighting, shade trees, street furniture and stormwater capture and reuse components.



“Whenever a project affects the daily lives of people and families in the community, engagement is key to understanding their experiences and ideas for improvement,” said Harris-Dawson.



“Over 1300 community members have helped shape the future of the Manchester-Broadway corridors. I support this investment along our major thoroughfares; it is long overdue.” 

Sharing more insight into StreetsLA’s intention with Broadway South, General Manager Keith Mozee said, “This project aligns with the ‘One Infrastructure’ vision that StreetsLA and its city partners are collaborating on, so multiple improvements and enhancements can be done together to maximize infrastructure investments.”

Noting the importance of neighborhood involvement, he added, “We have been working with the community extensively to get their input and will continue through the duration of the project.”

Expressing her opinion about the upgrade, Joyce Fantroy, chair of the 90th Street Block Club, said, “The Broadway South improvement project will help restore a sense of pride and a ray of hope in a community plagued with inequities and disparities. It will create a friendly environment for families to enjoy and appreciate.

The safety components and beautification aspect will attract family strolls and encourage healthy walks for children and seniors.”

Itzel Ronson also offered insight as a community member.

An employee of the Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology High School, Ronson holds dual positions as the school operations manager and parent engagement specialist. 

She described her experience of contributing to the improvement project as “an opportunity to highlight the amazing and talented people in our community.”

“Participating in the renovation of the median gives the community a sense of pride since this is something they've worked hard on, they've had a voice, and continue to improve and demand the same treatment as every other community,” insisted Ronson.

“The remodel of Broadway will help alleviate the belief that South Central is a negative place with gangs and violence.

It will also help the people of our community feel safe, to take advantage of the facilities, including the bike lanes, and to take pride in all that occurs in our community,” she said.

Construction on Broadway South is scheduled to start in December 2023 and be completed by December 2026.

A section of the StreetsLA website highlights the planned improvements, including before and after photos, design concepts and upcoming events.

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