December 09, 2021

LAWT News Service


On November 15, 2021 Assemblymember Mike Gipson presented a $10 million check to Martin Luther King Hospital to further its mission of caring for South Los Angeles’s most vulnerable. MLK Community Hospital was one of the hardest-hit hospitals in South Los Angeles throughout the pandemic, at one point caring for more patients than hospitals 3-4 times larger. 

Mike Gipson has been a champion of MLK Community Healthcare from the hospital's 2015 opening and throughout the COVID-19 surge.

Gipson presented all the MLKCH staff with a special pin to commemorate and acknowledge all of their hard work during the crisis.  He also invited front line staff onto the stage to be ‘pinned’ by MLKCH leadership.

Assemblyman Gipson said “The MLKCH staff has played a critical role in helping guide our community through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unfortunately the pandemic disproportionately claimed a lot of lives within our community. 

But because of this staff's commitment to community a lot of lives were also saved.  Providing these financial resources to MLK is but a small demonstration of appreciation and acknowledgement of all the hard work and dedication that these front-line workers did for all of us.”



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