February 24, 2022

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Al Hornsby began painting when he was 12, he’s been creating art for over 47 years.

At the age of 14, Hornsby would paint daily for over 12 hours. His observational talent evolved and so did his art. " By the age of 17, I was fully understanding different styles and periods of art and could identify which art came from each period and which art came from a part of Europe." Hornsby said.

Prior to attending art school, Hornsby was self-determined master the principles of “visual reality, Linear and atmospheric perspective, human anatomy, wave anatomy, tree anatomy, materials and chemistry, color theory and design.”



Hornsby studied the major periods: the High Renaissance of Northern and Southern Europe and the Dutch masters such as Johannes Vermeer.


Following his passion, Hornsby attended Otis Art Institute and Parsons School of Design.

Hornsby reflected on his time of getting to know his personal art style, by considering art history. He stated,

“I was profoundly influenced by past classic art traditions. 

I had taught myself so much of what I needed to understand in order to create what I wanted to paint in a realistic manner.”





The artist continued, “I learned as a child much about all the major periods: The High Renaissance of Northern and Southern Europe, namely, how to distinguish the Flemish and Italian style I most enjoyed. 



The Golden Age of the Dutch Masters namely Vermeer, Rembrandt—I most enjoy due to their ability to depict their textural effects of everyday objects on canvas.” Hornsby said.


Other art styles Hornsby pulls from is France's “Neo-Classicism and the Romanticism fine art period.”


Hornsby shared, " I admire both 19th century French artists, Jean Baptiste Corot and Auguste Dominique Ingres, from whom I have drawn inspiration, as well as early artists such as the major art figures Trio, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, of course."



Hornsby absorbed styles from American art from the 18th century. “I studied the impressionism period of Monet’s influence and artists of his time in France, as well as the post-impressionistic period.

But my favorite Dutch artists of that movement was Vicent Van Gogh.”


Hornby expressed that his family and close friends were not surprised at this success in art school, during his formal training at Otis, Hornsby received high marks in art history and life drawing classes.



Throughout the 1980s Hornsby’s art was displayed nationally on the news and talk shows.


Some of the featured art included a painting of former President Ronald Reagan as a Black man, which created strong dialogue around race during that time.



In celebrating the beauty found within the Black culture, Hornsby has curated a series of paintings that depict great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Presently Hornsby is still in commission, looking to present to recent work to a member of the Jewish Community. 



“In the future my hope is that I expand and further diversify my output in varied subject genre and incorporate esoteric imagery in my art compositions that is predictive prophetic.” Hornsby Stated.



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