March 10, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Staff Writer


The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLM) hosted the second installment of their two-part concert series in Inglewood, on Thursday, March 3. Jimetta Rose and the Voices of Creation took to the stage, while pierre bennu debuted exclusive short films at The Miracle Theater in Inglewood, California.

Damon Turner’s cultural organization, Trap Heals, worked in collaboration with BLM to usher in a free local event, the UPLIFT concert was “in honor of Black Futures Month.”


Part one of the concert was deemed a success. Last Thursday, over 150 people attended the show to commemorate Black Futures Month. The experience provided a space to honor the progress of the Black community and look towards an exciting journey past the separation caused by COVID-19.

Co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of BLM, Dr. Melina Abdullah stated, “Providing our community a space to celebrate and uplift Black joy and creativity is an essential part of ending white supremacy, which attempts to relegate us to a dehumanized existence.”

Abdullah continued, “We are building Black futures that enable us to live as our freest and most divine selves. After surviving a pandemic and enduring continued and increasing state violence and economic oppression, our people deserve an inspiring and healing experience. That is what UPLIFT provides for Black Angelenos."

Visual Artist pierre bennu stated, “BLM‘s work on a global stage is transformative to our era.

My work seeks to liberate the viewer on an interior level. Having them coexist during this year’s Black Future‘s Month celebration has definitely been transformative to me as an artist and I hope that it can be transformative to the viewers who we reach.”

Performing sensation Jimetta Rose shared her thoughts on the event, by stating, “The songs we perform are intended to be new prayers and mantras for the changing world. We sing these songs to heal ourselves and others and to remember that togetherness is not a thing of the past and that love is not taboo. We are using our voices and our powerful focused intention to build the future we want to see coming into view.”

The following is the list of songs Jimetta Rose & The Voices of Creation performed:

• Let The Sunshine In

• Operation Feed Yourself

• Spirits Up Above

• Things are Getting Better and Better

• How Good It Is

• Answer the Call

• I Met a Mountain

• Real to Me

• Ain’t Life Frand 

The key to this event is to bring awareness, to the opportunities that will be available in the future of the Black community. It was created to inspire the collective community and surround the neighborhood with a much-needed healing experience.

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