March 17, 2022

By Devyn Bakewell

Staff Writer


Hyde Park Goods, a Texas-based streetwear company, is gaining momentum by the day. A brand that usually remains under the radar, rumors of a collaboration between the brand and SauceWalka, aka The Drip God, continue to spread.

As South By Southwest (SXSW) approaches, SauceWalka was seen sporting their merchandise during a recent meeting with rapper Kanye West while on tour. He also recently called Hyde Park the “new street designer.”

“While you’re hopping from mixer to panel to show during SXSW.


You might stumble upon some of the most desired hats and tees coming of Austin next week,” said SauceWalka. “If you’re lucky.”


Fans of the brand began speculating that a collaboration between Hyde Park and SauceWalka will drop soon once a bright orange post appeared on the brand’s Instagram page.


While the collaboration has yet to be confirmed, it would be within Hyde Park’s usual operation of collaborating with other brands such as Cool Kicks LA, Proper HTX, and Urban Necessities at SneakerCon.


“To this day, I still implement elements from graffiti and breakdancing into my designs,” said Hyde Park Jacob, the brand’s creative director.


“After getting arrested a lot in the late 90s doing graffiti, and getting all my spray pain and sketches confiscated, I learned to screen-print and spent hours teaching myself graphic design.”

Jacob also continued with, “But if it doesn’t move me, if it doesn’t delight people, then it shouldn’t be done.”


As collaboration rumors continue to gain traction, friends of the company have hinted that another colorway in the Iris Puffer Bag will also drop, and that the accessory will mirror the trajectory and adoption of Nike’s Jordan sneakers in the marketplace.


“I can’t comment on any collabs directly,” stated Angela Shen, director of operations.


“You’ll have to roll up your sleeves to find us in the SXSW crowd and see for yourself.”


Hyde Park Goods make their products in-house. This year they’ll be adding rugs and bags to their collection.


Due to high demand and an exclusive password to access its online drops, getting your hands on their products may not be easy.


The brand has a strong presence on social media, including Instagram and Youtube. Hyde Park Goods can be found online at

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