March 31, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Staff Writer


Los Angeles inspired showroom conglomerate, C&B Creative, is a Black women-owned brand. They recently relocated their L.A.-based office to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kayla Green and Jazmine Holifield are setting the tone and capturing unique energy within their projects. As creative engineers, Green and Holifield shared the details in constructing their business values to reflect the community needs.

As a conglomerate business, C&B Creative provides services that speak to the art of the collective community.

As prom season approaches, Green and Holifield hosted a prom pop-up shop. They assisted with styling young women that were preparing for one of the most memorable nights of their life. This is in an example of the reason behind C&B Creative - to cater to special moments.

“We've been doing this since 2012,” Green recounted about the incubation of this business.  Together, the two women began to oversee brands, and manage various creatives. “That’s what developed us into being who we are today—that’s what set the foundation of what we wanted to do and what we knew how to do,” she said.  After the direction was set, they let their instinct and guide them to incorporate a new level of care and sustainability.

Holifield shared the pride in their one-of-a-kind business by stating, “We really wanted to make it a different approach and we pride ourselves on being sustainable -- making it a community thing, making purpose-driven fashion. I know, fashion is fashion, but it's not always frivolous.” Holifield and Green hold vetted experience in communication, marketing, and PR business.

Reflecting on the challenges as a women-owned brand, Green and Holifield shared their biggest obstacle in managing their business. Holifield stated, “Knowing when and what to delegate -- you must be comfortable with trusting.

“But also, there's a certain thing that only we can do at this stage. I think it's very important for us to protect the integrity and the core of our brand.”

Sharing her thoughts on what she views as a challenge within the business, Green stated, “I think that's a challenge across all industries as far as finding quality people, especially when you have your own business and this is your baby.

“I think, for me, the hardest thing has been the certain connections where there may be a lack of integrity,” she noted.

As Black women, Holifield and Green must prove themselves constantly. The two business partners admitted that there weren’t many prejudices within their line of work, except for the feeling that they are being overlooked or not taken seriously because they’re women.

Holifield observed, “People may not take us seriously until after the fact or they approach the situation assuming that we don't know what we're doing.”

Green stated, “We had to advocate for ourselves a long time ago and it wasn't necessarily by choice, it was because we had to. We were put in positions where we had to learn how to speak up for ourselves.”

After overcoming the common perception, Green and Holifield reflected on what they were most proud of in this business.  “I’m most proud of the network and the tribe that we built or that we attracted, and now I have a tribe of people that I can reflect back on -- that have grown with me, seen me, and recognize me for who I am and where I am at,” said Green.

Holifield added, “I’m proud of the name that we made for ourselves and the reputation that we have.” She elaborated on the loyalty reflected on in the bonds they have made over the years.

A pillar in C&B Creative is the giving back to the community, they recently hosted a prom pop up shop that was a complete success. The two women partnered with a new multi-purpose community center located on the north side of Milwaukee called Charquise Boutique Hall.

Owners of C&B Creative released the following statement about the experience of the event, “We collaborated to create a curated experience for girls to shop affordable and stylish pieces in an intimate setting.”

“We have been accepting donations and consignment opportunities to add to our inventory. FKShoppe is also contributing dresses, accessories and shoes!”

FKShoppe is the retail portion that lives under the C&B Creative umbrella. 

The released statement also said, “We will be hosting pop ups throughout the 2022 Prom Season. Including a virtual live for people who are not local to be involved. Items will be posted to our website for purchase as well.” The C&B hosted prom pop up shop will be posted at their studio on Sunday, April 3, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Closing with final thoughts, the successful business owners said, “We’re so grateful to be able to show up for girls in this way. Especially after hearing and knowing from personal experience the challenge that comes with finding the right look for this memorable occasion.”

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