April 14, 2022

By Denise J. Gibbs

Contributing Writer


Ministry begins at home, and although Phyllis Leftwich has been instrumental in changing the lives of the people on various levels on the continent of Africa for nearly 20 years; she and her local team here in Los Angeles, have been feeding the hungry, providing housing, personal hygiene items, and much here at home too. 

Abundant Life Missions, Inc. (ALMI) was established in November 2003 as a nonprofit, charitable 501(c)3 organization to address the consequences of poverty, hunger, and hopelessness faced primarily by women and children in our nation and abroad.

Abundant Life Missions is interdenominational without regard for age, race, or creed.

Abundant Life Missions facilitates or provides emergency food, clothing, shelter, transportation and referrals to other resources.


Gifts are given to prisoners and needy families at Christmas and other holidays. Additionally, personal enrichment seminars/workshops are available free of charge to churches, transition homes, and other non-profit organizations. A donation to Abundant Life Missions helps to transforms lives, here locally and abroad.

Evangelist Phyllis Marie Leftwich has been a missionary since 1961.

This 87 year young, hardworking lady is affectionately known as Mother or Mom Leftwich. 

She began her service at Bethany Baptist Church of West Los Angeles in California. These days, she continues to serve at West Angeles Church of God in Christ under the leadership of her Pastor, Presiding Bishop Emeritus, Charles E. Blake, Sr., and his lovely wife, Lady Mae L. Blake.  She also serves as a part of the Evangelist/Missionary Fellowship, under the leadership of its President, Evangelist Lisa Nevels.


Evangelist Leftwich is a Registered Nurse by profession and a Bible teacher by God’s gift.


She has a background in teaching subjects that focus on evangelism, missions, and prayer throughout the United States and abroad.


Her formal Christian education includes courses at Los Angeles Bible Training School, Bethany Bible Christian College, Los Angeles School of Ministry, and West Angeles Bible College.

She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science and a master’s degree in public administration from California State University Dominguez Hills.

In addition, Missionary Leftwich has served as a Bible teacher and Registered Nurse in 24 foreign countries. The Lord commissioned her to launch the Abundant Life Missions ministry as a means to carry His love to the nations. Her life’s passion is to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of people throughout the world.

Abundant Life Missions Inc. was established to assist persons who are the most needy and underserved, especially single women and their children at home and abroad.

We endeavor to educate, motivate, teach, and train them in secular skills and Christian-Judea principles to promote self-esteem and achieve successful independent living.

Their goal is to equip and empower each individual to function at their highest potential in their own environment and culture. All services and resources are provided free of charge without regard to age, creed, nationality, or gender.

To find out more about Missionary Phyllis Leftwich, and  ALMI, please visit their website at: https://abundantlifemissions.org.

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