April 21, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Assistant Managing Editor


Chicago-born Sydney Kamlager-Dove found her interest government while she was working with her grandmother on electoral campaign for Harold Washington – Chicago’s first Black mayor.

Following her passion, young Kamlager-Dove moved to L.A. and focused on political science at the University of Southern California (USC). While she was studying, Kamlager-Dove experienced one of the most infamous civic interruptions. The 1992 riots in Los Angeles emerged while she was a student at USC as a direct response to the Rodney King verdict.

Building on the platform of justice, Kamlager-Dove devoted her time and energy to public service. As state senate, Kamlager-Dove worked endlessly to create an environment that thrived on equality.

Kamlager-Dove introduced the Street Medicine Act, which provides medical teams to the unsheltered. Kamlager-Dove brought forward the California State Penal Code (AB 127), holding police accountable by eliminating barriers in prosecuting acts of crimes by law enforcement.

Moving into a congressional standpoint, Kamlager-Dove is looking to expand voting and reproductive rights, broadening health care, reimagining criminal justice, and orchestrating innovative investment in housing. She is looking at climate with a serious eye and preparing to coordinate a “new Green deal” that will respond immediately to the changes in the environment.


Category: Community