April 28, 2022

LAWT News Staff


First elected in 2014, Mike Gipson represents the 65th District in the California State Assembly.

Gipson grew up in Watts where his parents instilled in him the value of faith, a decent education, and, most importantly, giving back to the community. He and his wife, Le Cresha, currently reside in Carson.

Gipson served on the Carson City Council and as a local police officer before being elected to the State Assembly. 

He has headed local groups that help at-risk youngsters stay in school and off the streets.

Gipson has also worked as a community organizer with the United Teachers of Los Angeles, which aims to safeguard teachers and parents while simultaneously preparing children for future careers.

He has been a leader on a wide range of topics during his time in the Assembly, from drafting legislation that has enhanced educational quality, expanding access to healthcare, addressing homelessness, and passing rational criminal justice reform.

Recently, Gipson assisted in the successful passage of a revolutionary transportation package that included infrastructure improvements as well as the extension of California's historic cap and trade program.

Category: Community