May 05, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Assistant Managing Editor


Imagine changing the world while raising a child. There are Black women who have been recognized for their significant impact in America, often they are described by their strength, boldness, and leadership, but their journey through motherhood is not as prominent. Below are women that are known for the art, activism, or historical impact, but also held the most honorable title of being a mother.

Maya Angelou

The late Maya Angelou is known as a poet, activist, and scholar. Angelou made her presence distinct with her sultry voice and unique autobiographical writing style. Her voice made the whole world feel comfortable and lean in closer to hear more. Growing up, she was challenged to find her own definition of womanhood and love that is equal.

Through Angelou’s journey, she identified her voice as her gift that gave her power. The nation recognized her as an undeniable force, but she also had extreme love for her only son, Guy Johnson. He was often asked “what was it like,” being the son of Angelou. Most assumed that he was living under her shadow, but he confirmed that he lived in her light. Angelou and Johnson now rest together for eternity.



Diana Ross

Diana Ross is a living legend, known for her footprints in American music, Ross has solidified her place in history as one of the best artists the world has ever known.

Ross is connected to so many different careers in music including the launch of the iconic music group, the Jackson 5.

She has received numerous American Music Awards, as well as several Lifetime Achievement awards. Ross earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016.

She is one of the most successful female singers of the rock and roll era, as well as the lead singer of the Supremes, one of the Top charting girl groups in American History.

Ross is also a mother of five children, Tracee Ellis Ross, Evan Ross, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Chudney Ross, Ross Naess. Every blue moon, one will see her clan and the legend all together, the Ross children surround their mother with so much love and protection.



Michelle Obama


Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is an American author and former first lady of the United States, serving from 2009 to 2017.

She was the first African American woman to hold this position. She is also an attorney and the former President Barack Obama’s wife.

Mrs. Obama is known for her leadership and significant impact in bringing awareness to nutrition for youth, mentorship, and greater military support.

As first lady of the United States, she used her platform for the betterment of the country as a whole.

Although the world saw her make history countless times, she also dedicated her life to being there for her two girls, Malia Ann and Natasha.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Black Mothers, that continue to make a different in different aspects of their life.


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