May 19, 2022

By Simone Grant

Contributing Writer


Founded by Nicole “NeeKKo” Lindsey, what once started as a campaign is now a non-profit 501©(3) called, Education is Key (#Educationiskey). Education Is Key promotes education and fundraises money for scholarships for inner city students of Los Angeles.

Education Is Key was curated in 2018 and launched and registered as a non-profit in 2019. The non-profit targets high school students ages 17-18 applying to college (trade school, community/junior college or university) and college students from the inner city currently enrolled in college (trade school, community/junior college or university).

Nicole shares that the inspiration behind the name is the fact that thefunction of the organization is centered on education.

Her intentions with her organization isn’t just to give out scholarships, but to push the overall message to communities that education is important.

“Education goes beyond the classroom; you have to be educated and informed about whatever it is you want to do in life whether that’s raising a family, buying a home, starting a business, etc,” Nicole stated.

“You do not just go through life knowing everything, you must learn as you go whether it pertains to school education or the “school” education of life.”

So far, Education Is Key was able to award scholarships to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, implement a media internship, host fundraisers to raise money for students, as well as host other community events aimed to raise money.

Fundraising transpires year-round and donations are accepted all year long. The non-profit was able to surpass their 2021 goal raising over $10,000 for the organization. They are looking to triple that in donations for this year which are used to distribute scholarships, event and program expenses, and organization purposes. As the brand grows and continue to develop, so will the range of purposeful events.

Outside of running a non-profit, Nicole is a host and producer. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Her goal is to be an “entertainer with a purpose by radiating light and positivity in every setting through her brand and ­platform.” Nicole also hosts a toy drive, “Toy To Remember” that she has joined a few partners to make it happen annually.

The goal is to empower underserved communities by gifting toys to the youth, and raising awareness surrounding issues such as homelessness, foster care, immigration, mental health, and special needs.

In the next few years, she envisions Education Is Key still giving out scholarships, being a staple in the Los Angeles area, and expanding across the country serving in inner cities in other states.

“It will be a powerhouse organization operating various intentional programs and events in local communities for families, adults, and youth as well as in schools from elementary to college,” Nicole explained. “It will provide information, resources, and inspiration to the community and generations to come.”

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