September 01, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Assisting Managing Editor 


Byron Hansbrough is the founder of Big B’s Bobbie Q, he’s looking to share his finger-licking BBQ specials with the community at the Taste of Soul Family Festival on October 15, 2022, taking place on Crenshaw Blvd., in Los Angeles. His driving force in firing up the grill is to be a blessing and support the community in ways that he needed growing up from humble beginnings.

Hansbrough began his barbeque journey in 2006 by traveling to different barber shops and beauty salons delivering plates of his delicious barbeque to local patrons of those businesses. He would travel through Los Angeles, Compton, Gardena, Long Beach, Cerritos, and he’d make his rounds around the Los Angeles International Airport.

When he began to grow in popularity by word of mouth, he decided to start running his business through his home. Hansbrough’s Barbeque business rose so rapidly, it was more than the city would allow. When he was on the grill in front of his home, there would be a massive line outside his house, wrapping around the corner of his neighborhood.

Hansbrough stated that his driving force with creating his business is to be a blessing to a community.

He said, “It's just a part of just giving back. It's the love and passion that I have.”

The grill expert continued, “Coming up, we really didn't have too many people giving back. That's something that I've been wanting to do.” Hansbrough shared that his team works on turkey giveaways and toy giveaways for Christmas.

“Sometimes, we are in a blessing moment where we just want to bless someone with a free meal or something -- or we will give out money, just to be a blessing, whatever God puts on our hearts and that's what we do.”

Hansbrough shared his gratitude for the support that he has received from the collective community.

“It’s love. It’s all about love,” he continued, “You know, we give, and the community gives also. It's a give and take thing.”

The founder of Big B’s Bobbie Q closed with elaborating on his purpose, “Just being there for people. I didn't have no one there for me when I was coming out. We had drugs and gangs -- so it was like, push you out into the streets. But God saved me. Since He saved me, I want to save someone else.”

Hansbrough is operating out of his church, Shackelford Miracle Temple Church of God in Christ.

The founder of Big B’s Bobbie Q is now in the process of expanding to his own brick and mortar establishment.

Big B’s Bobbie Q are known for their signature barbeque flavors and rib-tip plate.

Follow Byron Hansbrough and his grill journey on Instagram @Bigbsbobbieq.

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