September 01, 2022

By Mayor Emma Sharif

City of Compton


Welcome to the first edition of Compton’s Corner. I am Mayor Emma Sharif. This article will be dedicated to informing citizens of the progress the City is making and to address long-time concerns.

I will also be informing the citizens of ground-breaking changes I, along with the City Council are diligently working on to deliver to the City. We are tackling numerous rebuilding projects, safety initiatives, and reviving a spirit of unity under the newly established City Council.

Street Projects

A long-time concern for the residents has been the reconstruction of the streets. Since July 1, 2021, I and the City Council have approved $6,840,971.50 for complete restoration and construction improvements for the city streets. We have resurfaced over 10 street segments (Myrrh Street, Tajauta Avenue, Bradfield Avenue, Elva Avenue, Grandee Avenue, Alondra Boulevard, Parmelee Avenue, Bullis Road, Palmer Street, Stockwell/135th Street).

Now we are moving into phase two of the project and are resurfacing Santa Fe Avenue, Rosecrans Avenue, Compton Avenue and Slater Avenue. I have heard the concerns of Compton’s Citizens, and as a citizen driving the same streets, it is my mission to ensure that our streets are safe, well kept, and continuously serviced.

Parks are Now Open!

We as a City are excited to announce that City Parks are now open! Our swimming pools are repaired, and it is our city’s goal to introduce swimming lessons to our children. We have new programs coming soon, along with a new Director.

Tree Trimming Project

In furtherance of keeping our streets safe and well maintained, since taking office we have approved a tree trimming contract of $1.2 million dollars. Our tree trimming project has continuously protected homes, stopped dangerous entanglement with electrical wiring, and stopped the erosion of the city sidewalks. We have currently serviced grid 14 and working to complete grid 6. We plan on doing grids 1, 10, 13 and 14 this fiscal year. If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of our grid map, please contact the Mayor’s Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Housing Projects

Compton is on a move! These Economic Development housing projects are helping us move are city forward. The City of Compton is actively working on adding several affordable housing developments to help meet our community needs.

1. The Win Project located at 1716 E. Rosecrans Ave will include 4 new homes.

2. The Garvey Project located at 1434 W. Compton Blvd is a project that includes 74 affordable housing units plus one unit on site for management

3. KBK Project located at 501-625 E. Compton is a project that will include 288 residential units plus commercial space on the ground floor.

4. LINC Housing Project located at 16208 S. Atlantic Ave is a project that will include up to 90 units of 100% affordable housing sites.

5. Housing Project located at 217 E. Indigo St. This project is still in negotiation phases 

Safety is the Main Priority

In the last few months, there have been what law enforcement is acknowledging as “takeovers” illegally conducted in multiple areas in the City. We, along with other neighboring cities are working to build a multi-city task force to end the dangerous environment surrounding the unlawful and reckless driving of “takeovers.” Moreover, we encourage citizens not to engage, come out to watch, or participate in “takeovers” as they have increasingly led to injuries and deaths in surrounding cities.  

Revitalization of the Block Clubs

Block Clubs in the City of Compton have always been the heart of ensuring that citizens are being heard. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the Block Club meetings were suspended for the health and safety of our citizens. We have now, with the proper precautions, restarted the City of Compton Quarterly Block Meetings. Since being elected Mayor, these meetings, in collaboration with other Council members, have been imperative in addressing the people's concerns. We invite Public Works, Code Enforcement, and the Sheriff’s Department to answer questions and give reports on a varies topics, such as concerns, updates on code enforcement activities, block club concerns, etc.).

Mayor and City Council Planning Retreat

As the Mayor of this great City, it has always been my stance that we as a council will work better for our citizens if we work together. We have just finished a planning retreat where we as a council took the time to get to know one another.

We further understand our passion for the advancement of our City is what drives us most, and how we can come together to ensure that we meet the needs of the citizens.

I believe as we are moving forward, this retreat will lead to better collaboration between Council Members as how to better serve and represent the residents of Compton.  Will this retreat resolve all issues, probable not, but if we can move from I to We and the concerns of our citizens become our main focal point, then we would have made great progress! The fact we were all willing to meet and listen to each other says a lot about this Council. 

Upcoming Events

September 17 – Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at Dollarhide Community Center 12pm-6pm

September 24 – Labor in Unity District Wide Cleanup & Unity Picnic. Cleanup is from 8:00am-11:30am meeting location at Dollarhide Community Center

Picnic is from 12:00pm-4:00pm at Gonzalez Park

October 1 – Taste of Compton at Wilson Park 10am-6pm

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