September 15, 2022

By BettiHalsell

Assistant Managing Editor


Kristen Cedar patches are on the cutting edge of what’s cool and beautiful in the Black community. From money bag patches to Black Hello Kitty patchwork, everyone wants to wear Kristen Cedar like a badge of honor.

The L.A. Watts Times had an exclusive interview with the owner, Tai Phillips. She will be honoring the Taste of Soul Family Festival with a pop-up installation. Taste of Soul is on Saturday, October 15, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., on Crenshaw Blvd., in Los Angeles.

Below you will find the in-depth conversation with patchwork artisan, Tai Phillips, and L.A. Watts Times:

LAWT: What does it mean to you to contribute to your community as a Black-owned business?

Tai Phillips: Contributing to my community as a Black-owned business means a lot to me, because I get to connect with people of all ages and share my creative designs with them.


My goal is to inspire, encourage, and give back to my community through my work.

LAWT: When were you established?

TP: I started my business in my home in August of 2020, during one of the most challenging times in America—the Coronavirus pandemic. 

LAWT: Have you been to Taste of Soul?

TP: Absolutely. I’m from Inglewood, City of Champions!

LAWT: What was your experience like?

TP: I had a great time. I like the fact it brought the community together, that it was very peaceful, and everyone seemed to be having fun. Another reason I enjoyed it was because there were so many different and amazing food options.


LAWT: How does it feel to be supported by your local community?


TP: It feels amazing! To provide unique and artistic designs that my community can connect with is a dream come true.

LAWT:  What does ‘support’ mean to small businesses?

TP: Having the support of others means everything.

I credit strangers, friends, and family for giving my business a great start and for making it the success it is today.


LAWT: What are you most excited about Taste of Soul?


TP: What excites me about Taste of Soul is meeting new people, showcasing my designs, and trying new food.


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