September 22, 2022

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Divas In Power is one of the lovely organizations that you will find at this year’s Taste of Soul Family Festival.

Dedicated to empowering women, young ladies, and girls worldwide, Divas in Power stands on the foundations of five principles: Excellence in Service, Integrity, Empowerment of Women Through Mentorship and Coaching, Serving the Community, and Relationships that Transcends Ethnicity, Backgrounds and Social Status.

Founded seven-years-ago, on September 16th, 2016, by Patrice Ables-Vance, Divas In Power came about from her love of children and women advocacy.


Her strong vision started this organization and has now led to collaborations with a consortium of agents from other states and countries.



“As a collective, Divas In Power works to spread love throughout our local communities as well as worldwide,” shared Founder Ables-Vance.

Divas in Power is a returning vendor at this year’s Taste of Soul.

Through TOS, their organization is looking to connect with the community and those beyond it.


They will be providing resources and awareness to festival attendees, as well as use their vending experience to network and partner with other like-minder non-profits.



Ables Vance states, “We want to create a greater impact on meeting our goals, and the needs of the community. At TOS we’ll also continue to be an extended resource that provides programs to educate the community on the issues that affect us.”

Divas In Power is looking forward to TOS as a way to give back and become a deeper part of the community.


They will be selling the following items for TOS attendees to enjoy:

• Specialty T-Shirts and Tank Tops

• DIP/TOS Edition T-Shirts

• DIP/TOS Edition Tote Bags

• DIP/TOS Edition Caps



At their tent, Divas In Power will also be providing entrepreneurship opportunities, community volunteer opportunities, even more information on how to become a member!


For more information on Divas In Power visit their website:


You can also follow them on Instagram @divasip.


Taste of Soul IS BACK! Make sure to mark your calendars for this amazing annual experience, and get to know and support some amazing, local, Black-owned businesses.

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