September 29, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Assistant Managing Editor


Owner of The Cookie Dip Company, Zakiyah Ellick, created a fresh way to enjoy classic sweet treats. Her signature Dip sauces found a new romance for all types of cookies and desserts. On Oct. 15, The Cookie Dip Company plans to be at the Taste of Soul, one of the biggest one-day events in South Los Angeles.

Her original flavors include: Mango Chili, Vanilla Bean, Berry White Ambrosia, Pistachio, Lemon and several other innovative dipping sauces.

As a Black-owned business, giving back to the community is a priority for Ellick.

She stated, “I hire within the community, I outsource my products from our community, I also do volunteer work at Project 43—I’m all about community.”

At the time of the interview with the Los Angeles Sentinel, Ellick finished celebrating Juneteenth in Leimert Park Village, in L.A.

The Cookie Dip Company was established right behind the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall.

The business became official in September of 2018. However, Ellick has been perfecting her craft since she was 7-years-old.


This will the debut of the Cookie Dip Company hosting a booth at the Taste of Soul. Ellick has only participated as a patron until this year.

“I’m a foodie, it was a grab-for-all!

Honestly, seeing businesses—my family and I always patronized businesses in the area—seeing them all of them in one spot, we just went to each booth,” she continued, “It carried over being a regular customer of Taste of Soul.” Additionally, Ellick noted that one cannot beat the live performances.

When Ellick thinks of support, she thinks about the collective group of loyal customers, friends and loved ones.

The owner of the Cookie Dip Company stated, “It means everything, because it’s very hard to be an entrepreneur—the support is lacking—you can’t depend on the people who you think are going to be supporting.

You’re going to get most of your support from strangers.” Ellick added a lot of support comes from other vendors.

Ellick closed by stating, “I’m excited about people trying my product, I stand behind it 10 toes down, I am very confident in it—it’s an amazing product, tastes great, new concept, I am just excited.”

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