December 22, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Assistant Managing Editor


Black women-owned businesses are one of the fastest growing markets to date. In a previous article, the L.A. Watts Times had an exclusive interview with founder and owner of The Painted Lady L.A., Autumn Armstrong, before the grand opening of the business. The organization has grown exponentially since then and there are more women artists building their names at the shop.

The Painted Lady L.A. is a queer Black woman-owned private tattoo shop that is open to all walks of life.


New tattoo artists Ari Starks, Cianna, Emily McGowan, and The Painted Lady L.A. Shop Manager, Jessica Claypool, all contribute to the power of feminine energy that pulsates through The Painted Lady L.A.


Starks, 21, is a tattoo artist from Maryland. “I've always found myself inspired by the culture, people, and complexities of life. I customize clients’ tattoos to not only convey their vision, but allow my personal artistic stylings to synchronize and become the 1 of 1 piece of your dreams,” Starks stated on the official Painted Lady L.A. website. 



Claypool, 27, attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she studied fine art and animation.

She started working as a freelancer on a range of tasks including graphic art, illustrations, and animations. 


In her personal time, Claypool started creating tattoo designs; as she went along, she discovered how much fun it was and grabbed a machine. Claypool looks to be one of the best tattoo artists. 


Cianna is a talented tattoo artist who is motivated to make history. After getting her first tattoo, she recognized that she wanted to pursue tattooing. Cianna began producing art as a method to manage her mental health.  She received a position at The Painted Lady L.A. after training under Jorge Arreola and aims create tattoo pieces that are inspired by florals, pop culture, anime, and the American traditional style.

McGowan attended CSU San Marcos to study visual and performing arts. McGowan relocated to Los Angeles so she could concentrate on growing her tattoo business after completing her apprenticeship. 

 She places a high priority on working closely with each client to ensure they receive the precise tattoo they have in mind.

  The Painted Lady is set up in Silverlake, located at 4220 W Sunset Blvd., in Los Angeles.  Armstrong shared previously, “Our new location in Silverlake is bigger, better, and starting to feel like home.

We’re so excited to be a part of the community and share our art and our message of inclusivity in the tattoo industry.”


The seeds of The Painted Lady LA were planted more than a decade ago.


In considering the beginning of her journey, the founder of The Painted Lady LA said, “When I first started tattooing over 12 years ago, I realized tattoo shops weren’t really a female-friendly environment.” 


Armstrong created a space that would build loyal clients. 

She stated, “At The Painted Lady LA, we want our clients to keep coming back. Not only are we an all-female staff tattoo shop, but all our tattoo artists also have solid backgrounds in art, we give certificates to first-time tattoo collectors, and offer fully detailed after-care kits.”


In a previous interview, the founder of The Painted Lady credited her success to her team and the new levels she had to climb as a leader. Armstrong stated, “My current team is incredible, but I’ve had to make some decisions as a boss that I didn’t think would arise.

I had to learn to set good boundaries so that everyone feels respected.” 


Armstrong shared the latest updates on the new location and stated, “Our art gallery is open and we’re taking appointments for private tours until our grand opening in August!”


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