January 05, 2023

By Wnedy Gladney


The holidays are just about behind us, the cleaning up has been put in motion, but many of us are dragging our feet to step into the new year. 

There are many reasons why we may be moving slow.  For one, if you have been traveling during this holiday season, the traffic has been horrendous, especially if you were flying across the country and trying to get home.

Maybe you feel stuck because you were not able to complete some things you were determined to finish in 2022, whatever the reason may be, do not beat yourself up, just decide that you are going to change the things you can and accept the things you cannot.  Some of us just may not be ready to do what me must do to get set and go. 

Last week in my article, I talked about if we suit up, show up, something is bound to turn up.  I absolute believe this to be true.  But, what about if you are just not ready to suit up? There are a few things we can practice getting ourselves ready for the new year and off to a good start. 

First, keep the main thing the main thing.  Do not focus on things that really do not matter and can get you distracted.  Take some time over the next few days and think about what really matters to you and your life.  Write down what comes to mind and decide if it should have priority on your list. 

Oftentimes we have things on our list based on what we think we should do or what we think others want us to do. We must decide to do what God wants us to do.

Once we realize what we truly want to do and what we know God wants us to do, we will be able to position ourselves to get ready and set to go forward into our next season. Sometimes it takes a while for us to figure out exactly what we are meant to do. Usually, the various experiences we have gone through are part of the journey that brings us to where we are meant to be.

All of us are a product of our environment, experiences, and expertise.  What we decide to do with all of it is up to us.  God gives us free will. Remember where God leads you, he will bring you through it.

I want to encourage everyone to embrace their best selves in the coming year.  Do not be afraid to venture in new unknown territory if that is where you are being led.  It is time to be bold and courageous. 

I know it may be a little scary, but when we are led by the Lord and our inner self, we cannot go wrong. Believe in yourself and examine the gifts you were born with and the skills you have developed during your lifetime to help guide you when you are not sure what you are good at doing. 

You can also ask those that are closest to you to share their opinions.  Sometimes we do not see what others see in us.  It can be a great place to start.

Let us make a commitment to make 2023 our best year yet. Despite everything we may have endured during this past year, there is nothing holding us back from looking at the bright side and looking up for the answer. If you need help, I am here.  We can help each other.  #HappyNewYear!

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