January 19, 2023

By Margrira

Contributing Writer


There’s something beautiful about discovering a company that’s founded on a passion and dedication to creating beautiful and functional works of art. Enter DMC Original Art, an art and home decor business that bridges the gap between function and art.


The brainchild of Danielle M. Chéry, a self-trained artist and published author, her journey began because she was intrigued by nature’s free form and creates art to reflect its wild, flowing beauty. A child with a self-exclaimed “wanderlust,” her spirit has led her to travel widely and abstract memories she treasures from exploring are embedded in her artwork.


Her path in discovering her talent didn’t start in art school (she, didn’t attend) but blossomed, instead, while working for an arts-based nonprofit organization. 

Chéry’s curious mind helped her develop a fluid epoxy art technique that presents an evocative exploration of Earth’s color palette through mixed media.

A student of mediation,  Chéry is dedicated to the practice and considers her artwork a moving meditation that is inspiring and accessible.

Chéry’s home decor items include one-of-a-kind sets of coasters, serving trays, tables, mirrors, wall art and more. 

All pieces are made from wood and ceramics, with use of acrylic paints, molding paste, resin and glass stones.

Signature styles of DMC Original Art feature gold accents and materials that offer a third-dimensional sense of texture, which symbolizes bringing the art to life, and to light.

She shares her process on social media and refurbishes older furniture as well as producing a constant flow of new creations.

DMC Original Art is proudly listed in the Buy From a Black Woman online business directory and was honored with the 2021 Home Goods Business Of the Year Award.

Danielle is a self-trained artist. She began painting as a hobby in 2012.

Her artwork consisted of paintings on canvas that friends and family would collect.

She then went on to experiment with various mediums over the years, by adding molding paste to paintings with the intention of giving dimension to each art creation.


Creating art that people can touch intrigued her so much that she continued to evolve by expanding her work into a collection of art that people would be able to use. Functional home decor. Designing coasters was the start of it. 


During the beginning months of the pandemic, she began to take notice of basic wooden items that could be painted. Serving trays became the next functional creation, with a multipurpose of being used to enjoy a meal in bed or as a mobile working station. She officially started her business in 2021, with coasters (which she refers to as "co-stars") becoming her top seller.


The biggest challenges Danielle faces with her business is effectively marketing her products to draw traffic to her business website.


Her most popular designs include earth tone colors that resemble the Caribbean sea.

Many people love the coasters, serving trays and tables that have ocean-like colors, including blue, aqua, teal, and gold.

To learn more, visit https://www.dmcoriginalart.com/.

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