·     June 22, 2023



You find inspiration. You could be carried away by a piece of art or inspired by music. A song could be stuck in your head, but it’s a great tune so you don’t mind. You might do some drawing or create some AI art. This is a good day to take an art class or take your sketch pad to the park and see what inspires you.Some of your financial plans are coming together and showing great promise. It’s time to stay the course. Avoid taking on other people’s priorities, especially when it comes to your spending. Distractions are everywhere. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other, especially when it comes to monetary goals and budgeting habits.




Abundant energy flows in. You generally take a very practical approach, but sometimes prosperity energy can be stimulated through spiritual methods. Embrace the abundance mindset. You might look around the house and count your blessings. You might add some feng shui cures to attract money qi. And it’s possible you’ll receive a message sometime during the day that sounds like a cash register chime.Your circle of friends is expanding. Someone might introduce you to some of their friends. Perhaps you’re doing some networking, taking some classes, and meeting interesting people. This is a good time to be social and accept a party invitation.




This week, you’re a social butterfly. Your energy has no bounds. You might be up at the crack of dawn to go for a run or make smiley-face pancakes. You seem pulled in many directions with activities you want to do and people you want to see.You’re surrounded by helpful entities right now. Gemini, you might meditate or just take out the earbuds while you walk in the park. The Universe is whispering messages about your life direction and love. Today, there’s a chorus of helpful energies around you.




You’re seeing beyond old boundaries. You could have all kinds of fanciful ideas. Cancer, this is a good day to brainstorm and think of possibilities. You might want to take out your journal and write down some of your thoughts. Or you could put some of your ideas into an AI art program and see what pictures emerge. You could be inspired.This is a good time to meet people who share one of your interests or are in your same profession. Business networking meetings, hobby groups, and charitable functions that align with your values are really good for you. You could meet someone and collaborate on a business idea or project that could bring both of you quite a bit of success.




You’re filled with ingenuity and imagination. While you generally have a lot of good ideas, now you could come up with something extraordinary. You can find an inventive solution to a problem. This could be something worth patenting or building a business around.A work or business opportunity is there for the taking. You could be offered a promotion or a position in a different department. A person of authority might ask you to join their team. If you’re looking for a job, this is an excellent day to send out your resume or schedule an interview.




Get ready to take a bow. It’s like you’re suddenly coming out of the shadows. Other people see you or recognize your accomplishments. The work you’ve been doing is noticed. You might win an award or receive some other form of recognition. Your social media numbers could hit a milestone.You might consider taking a real estate course, enrolling in a class on investing, or expanding your knowledge of psychology, sociology, and interpersonal relationships. You might be interested in a video course that leads to some type of certification.




Magic is all around you. You could incorporate more of your faith into your daily life. You can weave spirituality into your routine. You sweep the porch with reverence, knowing that you’re sweeping away negativity. You add herbs to your cooking for their medicinal and magical properties. You might light a candle in the morning and make a wish.You have an opportunity to gain the resources that you need for a project. You might try crowdfunding, or a relative could send you a check. If you work a nine-to-five job, you might have an opportunity to work on a very interesting project with a new team or different supervisor.




Signs from the Universe are everywhere. Things that happen in your physical experience could be spiritual messages. Something slipping from your fingers might indicate a need to let go of a situation. A closed door could be a sign that you need to be knocking elsewhere. Scorpio, the Universe is whispering in your ear. You and your partner might want to discuss the future in very serious, practical terms. This could mean talking about getting a house together or meeting each other’s family. If you’re looking for love, you can find new people to meet by doing new things today. Find some joyful, fun experiences and you could meet someone for a love relationship.




You’re meeting new and exciting people. If you want to meet someone new, visualize your energy drawing this person toward you. You might light a candle (red for passion or yellow for friendship) to let the Universe know you are ready. If you’re already in a love relationship, you could have a very romantic evening.No matter how big your list of things to do is today, you can get a lot done. You’re checking off tasks right and left with lots of energy and enthusiasm. This is a good day to conquer burdensome tasks because you have more energy to sail through them.




You’re finding a better way to do things. You could be finding ways to feel better through meditation, alternative medicine, or more peaceful living. It’s possible you’re embracing slow living practices by making more food from scratch and taking the time you need to rest. Capricorn, it’s also possible that you will come upon some information that guides you toward healthier living.It’s all about communication. You might be texting sweet messages to your partner. Or you could find a love note in your lunch box. This is a great day to meet someone new for a love relationship if that’s what you want. And if you’re looking for a serious relationship, there’s an opportunity here to meet a person who is looking for something long term.




Your power of manifestation is strong.Dreams could become reality today. If you’re in a love relationship, it’s time to talk about what would make you happy. You can also tap into your hopes and dreams. If you’re looking for love, send your wishes out on glowing streams of energy and visualize lassoing love and pulling it toward you.You could find your family to be quite supportive today. The things that you need emotionally and physically could be supplied by various relatives. You can borrow a lawn mower and get a hug. You could get a pep talk and a check. Today, you’re getting support from your family.




You’re more in touch with those around you. There could be a new baby in the family, and the two of you are really bonding. It’s possible you’re spending more time with a cousin or great-aunt. You might learn something about a parent that deepens your respect for them. You can mind-meld with a family member.You might get a lot of emails today, and there could be an opportunity in that flurry of messages. It’s important to sift through phone messages and emails from the past few days. You might discover that someone important is waiting for your reply.



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