June 22, 2023

LAWT News Service


Councilmember Curren Price released the following statement in advance of the Friday, June 23, Rules Committee meeting where members will consider his possible suspension from serving on the Council. 

“I have lived my entire life in public service honorably and with no other focus than the best interests of my constituents.

As such, I am eager to respond both to the misguided charges that have been filed against me, and the unfair aspersions that have been cast upon my wife.

I am confident that the court, and any fair observers, will recognize that these charges are unwarranted. 

Until I have had an opportunity to address the charges in court, it is inappropriate for the Rules, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations Committee to recommend my suspension from the City Council.

While I respect that Council President Krekorian has to take any allegations against a member of the Council seriously, I am presumed innocent, as indeed I am, and the best way to protect the voices and concerns of those in my District is to allow me and my dedicated staff to continue to serve the needs of District 9.”

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