July 06, 2023

By Denver Mackey

Contributing Writer


On Saturday June 24, NFL player KayvonThibideaux hosted his first annual Football and Cheer Camp as a part of his foundation, Jream (Journey to Readiness in Encrichment and Academic Mentorship). Jream’s mission is “to build and empower youth from economically disadvantaged circumstances to provide premiere educational academia and life skills.”

As a part of his SoCaliJream program, Thibodeaux sponsored this free training camp for youth aged 5-14, where they were given knowledge from the best professional football players, coaches, cheer directors, and Thibodeaux himself. The young boys and girls were able to run drills, practice plays, get in some conditioning, practice cheer routines, and learn the fundamentals of football and cheer.


The camp ran from 11 am. to 2pm., at Rancho Cienega Sports Complex in Los Angeles.

The football camp was not limited to only players to participate but was also an opportunity for the community to come together. Organizations like Pass it Forward, Randy’s Donuts, and the support of Councilwoman Heather Hutt made this event even more special.

Highlighting the importance of the camp for the community, Hutt said, “Over 100 of our children had a ball at the Kayvon Thibodeaux Youth Football and Cheer Champ!




He and his team are true role models to our community, and provided our children with an opportunity to learn from their expertise and guidance both on and off the field.

"By bringing our kids this opportunity, right in their home, we are not only giving them opportunities that will last a lifetime, but also teaching them that they can achieve anything they do with determination and passion," she added.




While Jream Foundation hosted this free camp, Jream also provides conditioning camps on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Rancho Cienega Park’s baseball field.  The season starts on July 17.

The Jream foundation also offers SoCaliJream, which focuses on youth football and cheer; Jream Mentorship, which provides youth with academic mentorship; and Core Prep Academy, where students can receive college preparatory academics, sports specific skills training, athletic performance training and life skills electives.

In addition, Jream financial health services powered by JP Morgan Chase Bank.

To learn more, visit thejreamfoundation.org and follow Thibodeaux on Instagram @kayvonthibodeaux.

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