July 06, 2023



There could be magical delights. You could be chasing butterflies and other beautiful objects. Aries, you’re looking for something that is sweet, shiny, and very new. You might go shopping and, in the process, meet someone who is very interesting. Contact information could be exchanged. And your mind might be filled with racy thoughts.You could be putting the finishing touches on an important project, or you might have a big meeting today. You could have a job interview that holds great potential. Any one of these possibilities is the culmination of several weeks’ work. And it’s likely you have handled your responsibilities well. By the end of the day, you can take a bow.




You’re immersed in something new.You might want to change everything in the house right now. It’s possible you’re putting down throw rugs and moving furniture for better fengshui qi flow. You might put up a wallpaper mural of a beautiful scene. Today, you’re making some changes at home.You might have stumbled onto a new innovation or way of doing things, and now you’re happily running down the rabbit hole in books, interviews, podcasts, and video tutorials. You’re lapping up the information like a desert dweller drinks water. And all this has a purpose. You’re often guided in the right direction through your curiosity, and today your curiosity is piqued.




Doing something new gives you a broader perspective. You want to do something new, and you feel like nothing is going to stop you. You might want to try an electric bike and see how fast they really go. Or this might be your first time on a motorcycle. Or you’re ready for an all-out adventure floating in a hot-air balloon, sliding down a zip line, or jumping out of an airplane. Today, you’re looking for some excitement.You might take a look at your finances from a long-term perspective. It’s possible that you’re considering how you can take more time off for fun and explore the world. You might be calculating how much you need to earn to get maximum time off. It’s also possible you’re looking at a future retirement date and seeing if you can accelerate the process.




This week, you could tap into a real treasure. You really want something new even if it comes secondhand. You might do some thrifting today, rummaging through treasures that other people let go of (and you could be supporting a charity in the process). Or you might be at the mall looking for something shiny and delightful. You’re on a treasure hunt and don’t even need a map.It’s possible you’re around a large group of people. There could be a party, celebration, or anniversary event. There are new people to meet and familiar faces. This is a good time to mingle and make your presence known.




You light up the room. You could be elevated in people’s eyes. Leo, it’s possible you’re the life of the party or the person everyone’s talking about. You might have celebrity status now, even if it’s just in your neighborhood. You walk into a room and other people light up because you’re there. This is one of those days when your popularity just soars.A deadline has arrived, but you’re completely ready. The report is as done as it’s ever going to be. You’ve practiced your presentation. You know that no matter what happens you’re going to be fine. This is a good time to show people what you can do.




A vision of the future is coming together. This is an excellent day to visualize a good future. Look ahead on your timeline and see all the things that you want to do come to pass. You might gather pictures and create a vision board. Or you could make a virtual screensaver of all your goals and dream destinations. Your messages are heard by the Universe.If you’ve been dating, you might be getting quite serious. You could discuss seeing each other exclusively, calling each other daily, or meeting each other’s friends and family. It’s possible you’re going on social media and changing your status to “taken.” Virgo, this is a big step that’s worthy of a celebration.




You’re getting help from friends. It’s likely you have some eccentric friends. You tend to collect people from all walks of life. They can inspire you. They can challenge you. One friend in particular might be on your mind. This person is taking steps in a new direction. Are you afraid they’re going in the wrong direction, or do you feel that you should follow in their footsteps?Your home is in the spotlight. It’s possible you’re making some changes to your dwelling. You could be doing some renovations or considering a move. It’s also possible that people are coming in and out, visiting for a few days. And this is causing you to rush around getting things ready so that they’ll be happy and comfortable.




While you generally like to keep a low profile, you stand out from the crowd today. Your charisma is strong, and you’re noticed by more than one person. You might get complimented on what you’re wearing, your hairstyle, or how you handle yourself in situations. This is a good time to meet new people. It’s possible now to meet a new friend or even a romantic connection. You might be handling an unusual amount of paperwork. This could be information for the upcoming school semester, buying a car, or refinancing your mortgage. You’re likely looking for small scraps of paper, receipts, or specific numbers. And you might need to devote some extra time to pulling all of this together. Scorpio, there will be a temptation to procrastinate, but you’re going to feel better once this is done.




You have the opportunity to be seen. You could be on the road now. You might visit relatives, a national park, or a historic attraction. It’s good to be out of the house because this makes you visible to all of the Universe. Even if you don’t plan to travel now, consider visiting a local park to commune with nature.You have a financial opportunity available to you. This is going to take some energy, but you’re up for the challenge. And if you set it up properly, this could end up being a long-term source of revenue. If you’re uncertain about this opportunity, reach out to family, friends, and experts for advice. Today, you could develop a moneymaking plan of action.




A benefit is coming your way. You might receive some surprise funds or assistance today. This could come from a relative who has been listening to your plans and believes in what you’re doing. You might get online approval for a loan or line of credit. Someone could step up and want to invest in what you’re doing. Now you’re extremely visible and will remain so for about two weeks. This means if you’re looking for a job, you’re more likely to get an interview. If you’re looking for love, someone could cross the room in order to meet you. This is a good time to find friends, teachers, and mentors. Try to put yourself in situations where you can meet new people and things will happen.




There is some excitement ahead. You could fall hopelessly in love. Aquarius, it might feel like you’ve been struck by lightning. Brushing against this person could feel like an electric jolt. The sound of their voice could be a sweet melody in your ear. This is a good day to meet new people, or you could fall in love with someone you see on TV.You’re picking up on all kinds of energies, and your awareness is high. But you’re also carrying all of this energy home, and this can build up in the house. This is a good day to do a space clearing. You might burn sage to clear the energy of your home. You can even make a clearing spray by brewing a strong sage tea and spritzing it around the house. Soon, your home will feel like your sanctuary again.




You can have a breakthrough. Go ahead and shred your list of things to do, because this is a day to go with the flow. There’s no reason to force yourself into a situation just to please someone else (or your mother’s voice in your head). This is a good day to immerse yourself in a new field of study or creative project.You might have friends rallying around you. They want to show you their appreciation for the joy you’ve brought them. It’s also possible that they’re lining up to get your advice and help. Pisces, you might gather the gang for a special party or a trip. This is also a good time to meet new friends or meet friends of your friends.

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