·     July 20, 2023



This week is packed with exciting possibilities. It’s the calm before the storm, so this is a good time to get some extra rest for the week ahead. Take some time to meditate on what you want to accomplish over the next few days, especially related to home and family. Think back to the changes that happened a few months ago. Now you’re ready to leap forward. Aries, your inclination is to plow ahead whether you have a plan or not, but before you hit the gas, let the Universe know what you want to achieve. This will help pave the way.




You have huge opportunities ahead. There is probably a quiet day this week, so get some rest. Take the time to think about what you want to accomplish over the next week. Maybe make some meals ahead of time so you’re prepared. Soon you’ll hear the starting bell.What was started a few months ago is now in full force. You might feel an enormous desire to push your agenda through, and no one can push harder than you. At the same time, you’re very aware of the feelings of others, but you don’t want to pause to listen to other people’s concerns right now.




This week is going to be busy but worth it. You could find a fantastic treasure at a garage sale or rummage through a thrift store for vintage designer clothes. You could uncover a bounty of useful stuff. The decisions you made a few months ago now come into focus. And you could feel torn between rushing ahead with your ideas or waiting to find a partner who will share this journey with you. Only you could do both of these things at once.




One of your best weeks yet. This is a time for reflection and meditation before the exciting week ahead. Take some time for self-care. This is an ideal day to have a massage or a long soak in a hot tub or to sit by the pool with your journal. You might have made a big decision a few months ago and started in a new direction. Now there is rocket fuel under you, and you’re ready to move forward at all costs—if that’s okay with everyone else. The challenge right now is that you’re always considering other people’s feelings, but today is the time to consider what you want to do.




There are big things coming your way.You might have interesting dreams that are worth writing down when you wake up. You could have psychic impressions of events that are going to happen. It’s like you have a window into the future now. A few months ago, you might have set a few things in motion to make some changes in your life. Now those changes are fully underway. The horse is at a full gallop, and you are hanging on to the reins. But you’re so focused on moving forward that you’re passing by people who could help you.




Growth and progress. Friends could be reaching out to you. You might have social events to attend. You could attend a wedding or birthday party and be surrounded by people you haven’t seen in a while. It could be quite a bash. A few months ago, you might have made some important decisions regarding your finances or how you make money. Now you see the flag going up while you’re still putting tires on your race car. You might not feel ready to move forward, but the race is on.




You’re unstoppable. You might be meditating over what’s happening in the world. It’s possible you don’t often follow the news, but now it has drawn you in and you’re seeing the bigger implications of people’s choices in counties and countries. Your life might have changed a great deal over the last few months, and now it seems like the dust has settled and your direction is quite clear. On the other hand, friends and family might want you to go back to the way things were before. You could feel torn right now between what you want to do and what would make others happy.




A game changer for you. You could have an intense discussion about Plato, Schopenhauer, or the deeper meaning of superhero culture, but what you’re really doing is finding what your beliefs are now and how you see the world. A few months ago, you might have decided to change a few things in your life. Now doors are opening in front of you, beckoning you forward. This is going to pull you out of your comfort zone, but it could be magnificent for you in the long run.




There’s a week of abundance ahead. Your thoughts could be on a relationship from long ago. This might come as a dream, or the person’s name just pops into your head. It’s possible that this person is thinking about you too. The silver cord of energy connecting you is vibrating across time and space. A few months ago, you might have surprised friends and family with a major announcement. Back then, it was just a concept. Now the details are becoming clear and practical steps can occur, such as buying plane tickets or securing resources.




You can take a giant leap forward. A name from your past could show up in your in-box. You might receive an invitation to a school reunion, or a former colleague might reach out to you to reconnect. You could catch up with someone from your past. There might have been some upheaval in your life a few months ago. And now, with that in your rearview mirror, it’s likely you can see that things were meant to be. Now is the time to focus on the road ahead. A new opportunity is coming soon.




You are a force to be reckoned with. You might reestablish an old routine. You could return to the practice of daily meditation, start-up yoga again, or walk in the early morning just as the sun is rising. You might pull out your journal and commit to writing an entry every day. Perhaps you made a big announcement a few months ago and told friends and family of a new direction you want to take your career. Now this plan has had some time to percolate, and you can see different opportunities opening up for you. You might meet someone to guide you on this path.




You cross a major stepping-stone. You might be feeling quite nostalgic today. It’s possible you’re reviewing photographs, or your siblings remind you of things you did when you were young. You could play a game with your kids that you haven’t played since you were a kid. You’re entertaining happy memories of the past. You might have experienced a big change in your life a couple of months ago. And now as you look back, you can see that much of it was meant to be. It’s difficult (if not impossible) to go back, but new doors are opening as you move forward.


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