August 03, 2023

By Lindsey Bahr

Associated Press


“ Stephen Curry: Underrated ” is easily one of the most inspirational movies of the year.

This is a portrait of a man — the greatest three-point shooter of all time — who has felt inferior playing the game he loves since he was a scrawny kid playing on his local under-10 team.

It’s easy to roll your eyes at supermodels who say they were teased when they were kids or famous actors who look like the captain of the football team insisting they were outcasts in high school.


In the rear-view mirror, when things have gone so well after that origin story, it just always rings a little false.

But in this documentary, directed by Peter Nicks and streaming on Apple TV+ Friday, the filmmakers put you in Curry’s shoes.

They show you video of him on that under-10 team, indeed looking scrawnier than his counterparts and with the posture of someone who’s already self-conscious about it.

They have Reggie Miller on hand to read the draft report which says Curry is “far below NBA standard in regard to explosiveness and athleticism,” extremely short for a shooting guard position, and cautions “do not rely on him to run your team.” Ouch.

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