August 03, 2023



This week, you can feel empowered. As you look ahead, there might be something coming up that gives you a sense of self-doubt. Perhaps you’re presenting a project to your supervisor or need to have a serious discussion with your partner. Visualizations and affirmations can empower you. Take some time to meditate and reflect on how awesome you are. Your world might feel a little out of control, as if things are coming at you too quickly. But this is likely because you’re trying to focus on too many things at once. Take a moment to prioritize your tasks and you’ll see things falling into place.




An idea of yours could take off. Lately, perhaps you’ve felt estranged from a friend and unsure how to fix it. Today is a good day to send a psychic message to that person, expressing how you feel and what you would like to see happen. The energy between the two of you could be healing. You might wonder why people are relying on you for things they could do themselves. This might be a sign that you need to reevaluate your boundaries and have a conversation with one or more people about what they can do for you if you’re going to be doing so much for them.




You can find joy through self-acceptance. How you perceive yourself and how others perceive you can often differ. It’s important not to let a random negative comment on social media affect your confidence and self-esteem. Remember, one negative thought shouldn’t overshadow your many positive attributes. You could feel overwhelmed when several financial matters arise simultaneously. Unexpected bills might come in, or one of your credit cards might raise its interest rate. It’s important to recognize that the Universe isn’t conspiring against you. It’s simply a reminder that your finances need some TLC at the moment.




Someone else’s actions give you insight into yourself. There are various philosophical approaches to life, such as stoicism, hedonism, and essentialism, to name a few. You might find yourself interested in studying a philosophy. You could feel a bit overwhelmed by difficulties in a personal relationship. You might observe someone you care about continuously struggling with the same problem despite your efforts to help them. They could be too close to the situation to see what they’re doing. It would be beneficial to take a step back and recognize that they serve as a mirror for you. Look for that same issue within yourself. If you can change it for yourself, it might help them see how to change their own situation.




You feel connected. A romantic encounter might feel deeper and more emotionally fulfilling than any you’ve experienced in a while. It could seem like there’s no space between you and the other person, as if boundaries have dissolved and you’re merged as one. You are fully present in the moment. With all the tasks you have to juggle between work, family, and activities, you could feel a bit overwhelmed. Your calendar is packed, and there might seem to be no room left for fun. Today would be a good time to take a hard look at your schedule and ensure that your priorities (like fun) have a dedicated spot in it.




You’re making good choices. You might be yearning for romance at this time. Consider creating a romantic ambience in your bedroom with soft colors, fairy lights, and romantic pictures. Setting the stage can help attract romance into your life.  Over the past month you might have felt overwhelmed by the numerous choices you’ve had to make. It’s time to shift your perspective. Having choices gives you power. Instead of fixating on making exactly the right choice, understand that if a decision doesn’t turn out well, you have the ability to make another choice.




You’re finding work/life balance. To accomplish the tasks on your to-do list, consider finding a new and fun way to approach them. Turn them into a game, do them with a friend, or challenge yourself to a race against the clock. Changing things up can make your daily life more enjoyable. You might desire to allocate more time for friendships and social activities but struggle to fit them into your schedule. Some choices need to be made in order to prioritize and make room for the things you truly want to do.




Living your life intentionally brings satisfaction. You might desire to infuse more romance into your life. Start by creating a special breakfast for yourself, taking care to plate the food with attention to detail. Curating a playlist of romantic music or bringing fresh flowers into your home can also add a touch of romance. And adding romance to your life can bring romance into your relationship. You could feel frustrated by the abundance of emails, texts, and DMs demanding your attention. It might be worthwhile to explore automated ways to manage and clear out your in-boxes, allowing only the most important messages to come through.




You’re breaking free of a routine. Sometimes family patterns can become exaggerated and cause stress. It can be challenging to help each other when everyone is stuck in the same routine. It’s time to step out of that routine and view your life from a fresh perspective. It’s time to focus on getting your financial matters in order. This might involve revisiting a written budget or adopting the use of cash envelopes to make sure you don’t overspend. Although it might seem tedious, this approach can be highly effective in helping you achieve your financial goals.




Your finances are looking up. While you can’t control your thoughts, you have the power to control how you react to them. If you’ve been experiencing a lot of negative thoughts, it could be a result of consuming negative messages through the media. Instead of assuming something is wrong with you, consider that this negativity stems from external sources. Over the past few weeks or months you might have been sidetracked from working on your goals. However, now is the perfect opportunity to prioritize and put yourself back on track. You can refocus and get back on the path to achieving your objectives.




You’re aligning yourself with prosperity energy. It’s time to view your financial situation from a fresh perspective. Money carries its own vibration, and if you can harmonize with that vibration, abundance can flow into your life. Consider practicing some money magic by lighting incense and holding money in your hands while visualizing more money coming to you. Ask the Universe to reveal the numerous opportunities available to you. You might feel overwhelmed by something you need to learn. It could be a large project, such as learning a new language or coding. However, if you focus on the most essential aspects, such as key phrases or what you want to create with the code, you can overcome the obstacles and get started.




You’re shifting in the right direction. You possess a natural ability to adapt and change your appearance, communication style, and emotions. You can utilize this talent to forge deeper connections with others or establish healthy boundaries for yourself. You might experiment with your shape-shifting abilities. You could feel overwhelmed by a financial situation. Now assess where you stand and consider your options. Remember that there are solutions available even if they aren’t your preferred choices. Seek the help and support that’s available for your specific circumstances.

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