September 21, 2023



This week, you’re in control. Look at how some of your routines are keeping you from doing the things you want to do in life. Aries, assess what you’re doing today and figure out if it’s going to lead you to your goals. If not, this energy is good for making a change.It’s good to do visualizations or affirmations of what you want. Put together a vision board, review your bucket list, and at the same time take hold of a crystal or light some incense. This reverent act can help you align with the energies and bring you what you want.




Someone says what you need to hear. No matter how connected you are to your sweetheart, you’re going to feel detached. Or they could feel disconnected while you’re standing there in front of them telling them how much you care. This is one of those times when you want to adjust your thinking (or how you’re communicating what you’re thinking). A change in your words will make all the difference.You could have a spiritual experience with a friend. You might go to a meditation retreat or try a new form of yoga. You could sit together with a candle and work a spell. You might pull Tarot cards to answer questions for each other or use the pendulum to read your friend’s inner thoughts.




You’re going your own way. You could feel at odds with a family member. You’ve been spending some time breaking free of a family pattern or exploring your own path, but someone in the family might not feel this is the right direction for you. You might need to have a discussion so they can understand where you’re coming from.Sometimes the best step to manifesting the career you want is visualizing. Gemini, when you picture the life you want, that message goes out to the Universe, and then it’s easier to see the guidance that your angels and guides bring. Take some time to visualize the future you want.




A solution arrives. You could argue with someone in authority. This could be a parent, supervisor, or some other official. They want you to make an adjustmentand you need to look at your situation and see if it’s better for you to adjust or ask that they do the adjusting. If the roles are reversed and you’re the person in authority talking to one of your kids, you might want to suggest how they can adapt.Information could just come to you. This might be the solution to a problem, or you could happen upon a website or video that tells you what you need to know. You might talk to a spiritual adviser who gives you the answers. What’s important is knowing what your question is.




You’re on the right track. It would be very easy to make a purchase that is inconsistent with your financial goals. It might be a great price or a limited-time offer, but it would be a good idea to remember your long-term plans before you make a big purchase on impulse.The first step to acquiring more resources is to envision that they’re possible. Leo, this is not about picturing the destination; it’s about envisioning the steps you want to take to get to your goal. If you want help from someone, picture the conversation you have with this individual. If you’re looking for more money, picture the ways it could come to you.




Things are looking up.Sometimes you don’t feel confident even though you have every reason to. But the truth is that confidence comes after you’ve done the thing. If you’re waiting to feel confident before you take action, you could be waiting a long time. Virgo, don’t put the cart before the horse.If you’re looking for love, the first step is to send a message out to the Universe that could be heard by that soul who is looking for you. This is a bit of love magic that you can do. Sit and have a conversation in your mind with your future love. Tell them where you are. Tell them that you’re waiting for them. And then release it. Send the message. Then go out into the world with a smile on your face and meet some new people.




There is a new beginning. Sometimes you get too busy and your spiritual practices get pushed into the background. Libra, today is a good day to carve out time to do the things you enjoy that connect you to the greater Universe. They might include meditation, journaling, and walking in the park. These are important, and it’s a good idea to make them a priority.If you have difficulty getting into a routine, you might want to use a symbol to help you remember. Consider the elephant, which legend says never forgets. Picture an elephant walking beside you. And whenever you need to be reminded of something, the elephant could touch you on the shoulder with its trunk. You might wear an elephant pendant or keep an elephant figurine. This symbol can help you remember what it is you want to do.




Your words have power. A friend of yours might be going in a direction that you think is ill advised, and you might feel that it’s necessary to say something to this person. And they, in turn, might tell you why they think that their way is the right way. You can decide how long you want to go back and forth on this, but if they’re unwilling to adjust, then you’ll have to. You can add a little magic to your life by doing something special with your sweetheart. This could involve rose petals, soft music, and some alone time together. If you’re looking for love, this is an excellent day to meet some new people. You could be struck by Cupid’s arrow.




You’re tapping into the collective power. You might feel frustrated that your social media posts don’t garner very many likes and your videos don’t get as many views as you’d hoped. It is a busy, noisy world, and today it’s hard to be seen. This is not a signal to give up. You have something to say and you need to say it.You can get help from those who have gone before you. Sagittarius, you might look through old photo albums and talk to great-great-grandparents. Or you could be investigating the family tree and getting help from your ancestors. You might research your family name or find your family crest. You can tap into the power of your heritage.




You’re taking the lead. Even though someone might argue with you, they’re as sure about their ideas as you are about yours. You could reach an impasse. To work together, one of you will need to adjust. And if you can’t convince them to do it, it will have to be you.The act of putting pencil to paper is magical. You’re actually taking a crystal (the graphite in the pencil) and applying it to wood (the paper). If you want to send a message to the Universe about what you desire, write it in pencil on a piece of paper and tap into the ancient magic.




Your message is heard. Use caution when doing anything financial today, because miscommunication is quite common with this aspect. Don’t click on any strange links, and don’t give away any personal information. No matter how hot the stock tip sounds, it isn’t a good idea to trade while the market is closed.The first step to creating wealth and abundance is allowing yourself to receive. And that means that you must have a sense of deserving. The Universe acts like a mirror. You send out the energy and it responds in kind. If you don’t have what you want, shift what you’re sending out in the way of energy.




Your resources open up. You might not see eye to eye with your partner or best friend. It’s understandable that you don’t agree on everything, but you might have a point of contention because you feel they’re heading in the wrong direction and they don’t agree. Part of being in a relationship is sometimes having to adjust for the other person.To add a little magic to your life, you might want to wear it. You could wear a crystal or carry one in your pocket. You might choose clothing that has alchemical symbols or a bracelet that is stamped in an ancient language. You can embody the magic by putting it on your body.

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