October 05, 2023



A romantic connection is possible. You only want to have fun. Today is about resting on the sofa and taking your time. It’s about savoring your meal and watching a movie all the way through the credits. Your speed today is about a mosey.You feel recharged and ready to go. And that could mean focusing on your job or side business. You can be very productive today, solving problems and focusing your energy to get something done. If you have a straightforward list of things to do, you can check them off with no trouble. But if something is a mystery or needs a little extra work, you could find yourself going down a rabbit hole and discovering all kinds of things.




You’re uncovering important information.You’re content to stay home. The world might be offering lots of different things to do, but you want to put on some fleece and watch a marathon of TV. You’re moving at half speed.Whether or not you’re in school, you’re energized to learn something. You might find yourself running through tutorials and absorbing information like a sponge. You might also be interested in philosophy, comparative religion, or some other deep topic. And now everything is interesting as you pick up facts and make important connections.




Asking can get you a lot. You’re looking for something that is as easy as sledding down a hill without having to climb the hill to do it again. You’re looking to coast.You’re very persuasive. Other people listen and often do what you say. Now is the time to ask for what you want. Choose the person who has the resources you’re looking for. This could be financing for a project, knowledge of how to do it, or help with a technical aspect. This is your time to ask because you could get what you want.




You’re making a deeper connection. You might use money to save time and energy. You could hire a maid service, pay your kids to do the laundry, or have all your meals for the day delivered so you don’t have to cook or clean. You might be finding a better way to do things.You might be probing into your relationship quite deeply. You could be looking at your partner via counseling or interesting questions about their past, feelings, hopes, and dreams. You might look at your own motivations for being in the relationship and what it brings you. In this process, you can feel more connected to this person and gain great insights about yourself.




You’re noticed by many. You shine today. You hint that you want something, and someone runs to get it for you. This is a good day to be in the public eye.No matter what is piled on your desk, you can get it done. Problems that seemed insurmountable now just open up and reveal the solution. This is a good day to tackle difficult things, complex computations, and convoluted communications. Leo, you can unravel it all. Give yourself some private time and you can make great progress.




You’re exploring new paths. You want to withdraw from the world. You want to put on a set of headphones and escape. You might go into the wilderness and commune with nature where there is quiet and peace.You could make a connection with someone through body language. You could mirror what they do so they feel more attracted to you. You might notice their eye movements and when they’re thinking of the past or future, or how they cross their legs and whether they’re moving toward or away from you. You can use psychology to find love.




You’re finding your personal style. You might skip your chores today so that you can spend some time with friends. What starts as an hour might turn into an entire afternoon of enjoyable conversation and catching up. Be open to a change of plans.You might be hunting for an item you lost when you decide to reorganize your closet, kitchen, or perhaps the whole house. You could be seized with a desire to declutter by touching each item. You might alphabetize your spices. You might color code your closet. And you’re likely to find the item you were looking for in the process.




You gain a special understanding. You could get some unexpected publicity. You might be in the background when someone is shooting a video or news story. You might be interviewed and find out you’re on TV. You could receive an invitation to be on someone’s podcast.You’re willing to dig until you find an answer. You are able to gain a deep understanding of a topic. If you’re in school, you might be cramming for a test or researching a paper. This aspect is also quite good for mystical studies as well. This is a time to delve into your astrology chart, palmistry, or numerology. You can uncover secrets about yourself and others.




Your calculations are correct. You might have a rendezvous with your sweetheart. You could have a romantic lunch followed by a delightful afternoon of fun. If you’re looking for love, go to places where you can meet new people.You’re a math whiz. You might be able to figure out your budget, amortize your loans, and come up with a plan to change your financial picture. You could implement a debt snowball so you can be debt-free, or you might be aggressively saving to buy a house. You can start a financial plan.




You could transform something. You might have a list of chores in mind, but your sweetheart could have other plans. You might find yourself staying in bed much longer than you thought. If you’re looking for love, take a different path and you could run into a great new connection.You should be in charge today. You know the answers, you can see things clearly, and your brain is working at peak performance. This is the time to tell your supervisor that you want the extra responsibility or the promotion. And if you’re looking for a new job, this is an excellent day to post your resume, have an interview, or negotiate an offer.




You’re gaining important knowledge. You’ll need to be patient with your partner. They might not be on time, or they might be dragging their feet to get out of the house. At the same time, you could feel distracted and not very focused on them. If you’re meeting someone new today, double-check your location or you could end up in the wrong place. It is a good time to rid yourself of some unconscious bias or reprogram your subconscious mind through affirmations, biofeedback, or some form of therapy. This is a good day to get hypnotized to stop a bad habit. If you’re the practitioner, you could get some great new clients.




You’re getting things together. You need to take a personal day. If you don’t have other obligations, block out the whole day to spend in your slippers and pajamas. Find someone to work your shift if you can. You need some quiet time.You are a powerhouse, and if you’re involved in an organization, you can help that organization pull together a fundraiser or membership drive in record time. You have great ideas, yet you also have the mental flexibility to listen to other people’s thoughts and incorporate their ideas into the master plan. This is a good time to do something great.


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