October 12, 2023



You’re overcoming challenges. You might feel challenged to transform something in your life. This could be a connection you have with someone or how you’re being treated by an individual. This aspect indicates looking for a fight, so you might be ready to confront the situation head-on. There could be a challenge at work that seems insurmountable. It might feel like standing at the base of a mountain when you’re not an experienced climber. It’s also difficult to get help at this time because others are dealing with their own mountains to climb. The best way out of this situation is to take it one step at a time. Don’t run from the challenge; just take your first step.




You’re looking for balance. This is a strong aspect for making a big change. Few signs can transform themselves, but yours is one of them. There might be a significant shift in how you treat your body and how you deal with stress now. You’re ready to address this problem honestly and completely, and this could have a real and positive impact on your health and well-being. A relationship that you want to move forward might face an insurmountable obstacle. It’s possible that one or both of you are still in other relationships, or that distance and other circumstances are making it a challenge. You might have to brainstorm some ideas with your partner to find a way through this, but it is possible to find a solution.




A relationship can be healed. You might have a strong desire to change someone’s mind, but you’ll likely be met with considerable resistance. As you attempt to go around this obstacle, you could be tempted to cut corners, but that isn’t a good idea. It would be better to find allies and make your position as strong as possible. You have a lot of energy with this transit, and you can succeed by taking a few steps. There could be a disconnect between what you want to do and what you should do. You might feel like you’re missing out on fun or opportunities, but your duties to your family need to come first. It’s essential to see this dichotomy clearly so you can make good choices.




Your family is a big priority. You might be highly focused on trying to help a family member get on the right path. You could be worried about the choices they’re making or the people they’re hanging out with. While you might feel ready to fight hard about this right now, it isn’t the best approach. It would be better to set a great example for this person than to try to give them advice. The stack of paperwork on your desk is likely the last thing you want to deal with. The possibility of procrastination is very high today, but if you push through it and actually begin the project or application that is on top of the pile, you can get a lot done. You’ll be happy you did.




You get some good news. You might find yourself involved in a power struggle that is connected to a contract or legal matter. Your desire to win might lead you to consider using any means necessary, but this approach won’t lead to a true victory. Instead, it would be better to seek help, advisers, and general support before moving forward. Consider enlisting the assistance of a lawyer, or look for allies who can help you navigate the situation and find a clearer path forward. If you’ve been following a budget, you might now find it intolerable and want to ignore any spending limits. You could wage an internal struggle between what you want to do and what you know you should do. Your future self would likely advise you to do the right thing even if it feels challenging in the moment.




You realize you deserve success. You are determined to seize a new source of revenue, and you see the potential prize ahead of you. With lots of energy and a chance for victory, you might feel like you’re in a race to reach your goals. However, this aspect advises against cutting corners. It might mean burning the midnight oil instead, but the effort will be worth it. You and your partner could come together to create a solid plan for the future. By dividing responsibilities and finding common ground, you both can feel good about the direction you’re taking. If you’re single and seeking love, you might meet someone who is looking for a serious and committed relationship. It’s also possible that there is an age difference between you and this person, which might be more significant than what you usually consider.




You could win in more ways than one. Although you typically seek peace, today you feel ready for confrontation. With such abundant energy, you might be inclined to engage in conflict without considering the consequences. However, it’s crucial that you choose your battles wisely. Winning for the sake of winning is empty if the victory doesn’t align with your true values and desires. You might find yourself torn between your desire to retreat, relax, and be alone and the responsibilities or demands that others place on you.   Someone in authority could ask you to show up for something you don’t want to attend. Balancing your personal needs with obligations could be a challenge on this day.




You’re gaining control. You might be tempted to use your persuasive Scorpio powers to manipulate someone into doing what you want. While this aspect can show you a path to gain control of the situation, a better use of your energy would be to channel your creativity into something outstanding. If you feel like someone else is holding power over you, remember that they have your power because you allowed it. Take back your power through positive action and focus on creating something remarkable. You could find yourself torn between your desire to attend a concert or sporting event with friends and your work obligations. There’s a conflict between what you want to do and what you feel you should do.




You have a good plan. It would be easy to have a falling out with a friend today. It’s possible that your friend is acting selfishly or immaturely in a particular situation. However, trying to change their behavior right now could lead to resistance. If you value this friendship in the long term, it’s better to take a step back and focus on working on yourself rather than trying to change someone else. Deep down, you understand that success comes from hard work, but now you could feel a bit frustrated and unmotivated. You might be envious of others who seem to have an easier path to success. Or you could feel that your efforts, especially on social media, aren’t receiving enough attention. Use this day as an opportunity to reaffirm your goals and redouble your efforts toward a worthy cause.




You could make a great connection. You could find yourself in a power struggle with someone in authority, such as a supervisor or parent, who holds significant power over you. Instead of immediately engaging in conflict, consider where you have power in the situation. Reflect on how aligning with their goals or choosing a different approach could benefit you in the long run. It might not be easy to get what you desire today, and you could feel a sense of missing out. Whether it’s an opportunity for education or a chance to travel that seems out of reach, shift your perspective by focusing on gratitude. This can pull you out of a rut and help you see what you currently have. From there, it will be easier to make progress toward your goal.




A mental shift opens new doors for you. You might have a strong desire to travel or be on the road, and if you can’t go, you could feel frustrated by or resentful of those seemingly blocking your plans. Instead of getting caught up in these emotions, take control of the situation and ask yourself what actions you can take to make your travel plans a reality. There might be some disappointment today, such as something you thought would be free now having a cost or someone having to change their offer. While it might be disheartening at first, try to view this setback from a broader perspective. The Universe might have better plans in store for you. It’s essential that you not look for the easy way out at this time.




You’re putting effort where it needs to be. The world of finance can be volatile, and it’s essential to have a long-term perspective rather than focus on short-term gains. You might feel the urge to control the outcome of your financial endeavors, which could lead to impulsive decisions and unclear investments. Instead, focus on controlling your impulses and taking the time to make well-informed choices about your money. It’s possible that you feel a lack of balance in your life. You might be working too much, leaving little time for leisure or relaxation. Or your leisure time could be consumed by others’ demands or activities, and you might not be fully present during your moments of rest. Take this as a reminder to find a better balance between work and play. Be mindful of how you spend your leisure time.

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